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Huge Clucker
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Default client exceeded 'ackslimit'

So this is what has been happening lately.
In random times server starts to send too many packets to players, which starts causing server connection drops and eventually me having to restart the machine.

I thought that i did something with the latest update so i went back to commit which is old like 2-3 months.
Same thing happens, example:

[warning] client exceeded 'ackslimit' X.X.X.X:XXXXX (11171) Limit: 5000/sec

What could be causing this?
I don't think it's scripts fault, because as I said i rolled back to an old commit, also I've updated all plugins.
Server sometimes works normally on 100+ players and then sometimes it would start crashing on 30-40.

I'm using OVH's GAME-64-OC.
Tried on another machines same thing...
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