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Huge Clucker
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Default [Bug Report] Alpha hasn't effect on TextDraw Sprites

Hello, I noticed this bug while trying to set transparency for a sprite. Seems it doesn't display properly unless we show at the same time another textdraw with some unknown properties, I say "unknown" because sometimes it requires four different textdraws displayed and in other cases with one is enough. In the next video I'm showing just two more: a transparent box and some text.

Sprite used: LD_SPAC:white

Watch the video here.

I don't know if this bug is related to SA-MP at all, I noticed it using 0.3.8 and another dude was asking about it some days ago in a Discord server.

Best regards.
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Default Re: [Bug Report] Alpha hasn't effect on TextDraw Sprites

This is bad, I hope the next version will fix.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: [Bug Report] Alpha hasn't effect on TextDraw Sprites

You have to have text with font 0 or 2 showed before the sprite textdraw, these are those unknown properties
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