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Default Re: Returning strings and arrays

Originally Posted by darkdrago View Post
Really nice tutorial, well explained! +REP

new string[] = "Hello_Hello";
print(string); //Will output "HelloHello"

stock str_replace(needle[], replace[], haystack[]) //By JaTochNietDan
    new index = strfind(haystack, needle, true);
    while(index != -1)
        strdel(haystack, index, index + strlen(needle));
        strins(haystack, replace, index, strlen(haystack));
        index = strfind(haystack, needle, true);
About the other thing you asked, i don't get what are you asking for, your code should work already, you just need to declare
new txt[10]; //Depending on how much characters you need on this string
inside the callback
Please see the post and my question because i think you didn't get it, and why i would use strreplace if i can just replace directly...

For example:
new idx;
if ((idx = strfind(string, '_', true)) != -1)
       string[idx] = ' ';


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