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Default Liberty city [warning] Could not validate 0x224CCE70.dff

As the title says i can't find the model causing this warning, anyone could help?
[warning] Could not validate 0x224CCE70.dff. Error(44006:0x0) Deleting..
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Default Re: Liberty city [warning] Could not validate 0x224CCE70.dff

Did you check the log on your console?
What you can do is skip the models in an orderly manner, and test where the error is generated.
idk if u understand my idea.



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Default Re: Liberty city [warning] Could not validate 0x224CCE70.dff

FindModelFileNameFromCRC(crc, dlfilename, sizeof(dlfilename));
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Default Re: Liberty city [warning] Could not validate 0x224CCE70.dff

Okay do this. Check your logs for that exact CRC code. Now, get the original name of the file. Then copy that file from models folder into your cache folder in documents and rename it 0x224CCE70.dff. Warning will go away.

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