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Default Re: Visual Studio Code - Updated Pawn Tools for vscode

It seems you need to manually quote your arguments with ' to prevent characters being interpreted as PowerShell operators.

["'${file}'", "'-Dgamemodes'", "'-;+'", "'-(+'", "'-d3'"]

I really don't understand this because months ago, a vscode update claimed to do this automatically, my version reflected that and I was able to run commands without quotes but some people have claimed the opposite.

Are you *absolutely sure* you are running the latest version of vscode? I need to know if I should update the documentation for quoted and non-quoted versions of the tasks.json and also what exactly is causing this to work on some machines but not others.



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Default Re: Visual Studio Code - Updated Pawn Tools for vscode

Version 1.25.1

It seems it is the latest version. Anyway thanks, it's woorking!
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