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Little Clucker
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Default How popular RP servers were back in 2010-2013?

I mean the servers for English talking people only of course. In Russia we had that HUGE trend for RP servers in samp back in those years. It was so huge that not free netflix tech news every game made by experienced expensive professionals gets such an attention. Now it's more dead than alive here, although there are still server networks who got a few thousands of players I believe.

And I didn't know English at all back then so I couldn't catch it, so I'm just curious how was it there. I see there's one big RP server called LSRP, but it's not really popular as far as I know.

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: How popular RP servers were back in 2010-2013?

Roleplay servers were massive back in the day. Granted, there was wide spectrum between light and heavy RP and not every server really catered to the same. LSRP and Horizon are the only large servers still standing, apart from RCRP which was more catered to a smaller playerbase anyway.

NGRP was the largest English speaking server. A massive virtual e-shop essentially. While LSRP was heavy RP and managed to amass 200,000 forum members, NGRP was more medium RP (light RP in later years) and managed to rack up 70,000 forum members. In early 2012 it operated 2 servers, one was constantly full and the other around 100~ players. I remember they tried upgrading to one larger server around August and at it's peak it had 1000 online players. That's about as many as any English server's had through the years. LSRP used to max out at 650 through 2014-2016 (I'm not good with dates after 2015) and Horizon has never reached over 300, yet it's had a steady 150-200 playerbase through all timezones.

The original SARP has been on 0 players for about over a year now and LawlessRP is still around the 100 mark. There are some niche English servers in development like Medieval RP and Wild West RP, there was also a VCRP server but it was short lived.

Chris Bluman_
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: How popular RP servers were back in 2010-2013?

I miss it!
Been around for a long time before NGRP, My first server was Redgies Roleplay It wasnt too active but it had a good player base, Moved to smaller servers from there made my own CoA-RP using South West Roleplay moved away from samp with my community but played on LSRP, SARP, PRRP and sooo many more.
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