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Big Clucker
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Default top player system

Hi, I want to make a system of top players with more scores, but I cannot find an operator or a way to verify that the highest variables, if you can help me, I would appreciate it very much, you do not know how much
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: top player system

You can select from your database the top 10 players in score:
PHP Code:
mysql_tquery(SQL"SELECT `Name`,`Score` FROM `users` ORDER BY `Score` DESC LIMIT 10""ShowTopScore""d"playerid ); //we interogate database to select the top 10 players and continue in function ShowTopScore 
PHP Code:
function ShowTopScoreplayerid )
RowsFieldsnameMAX_PLAYER_NAME ], scorestring[500]; // declaring the variables we are going to use
cache_get_row_count(Rows); // counting rows in the database
cache_get_field_count(Fields); // counting fields in the database

format(stringsizeof(string), "# Name\tScore\n"); // formating dialog header
for(new 0Rowsi++) // looping through rows
cache_get_value_name(i"Name"name24); // get the name from the database
cache_get_value_name_int(i"Score"score); // get the score form the database
format(stringsizeof(string), "%s%d %s\t%s\n"string1namescore); // adding those 2 in the string
ShowPlayerDialog(playeridyourdialogidDIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS"Top 10 score:"string"Ok"""); // showing the string
return 1;

Maybe something like this if you are using mysql.
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