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Default Re: Check if string contains an IP address

Okay I did write something in this box here, not sure if it will work.. but I'm sure someone can extract the idea I had from it and make it properly as my computer is lagging due to extracting serveral IMG's. Thus I lost train of thought making this:

pawn Code:
stock ValidIP(string[])
    new dotcout, gap[4];
    for (new i = 0; sizeof(string), i++)
        if (('.' == string[i]) && ('0' <= string[i + 1] <= '9'))
            gap[dotcount] = i;
        if (dotcount == 3)
            if ((1 <= dotcount <= 3) && (string[i + 1] = ':')  && (((gap[0] - gap[1]) == 2)) || ((gap[0] - gap[1]) == 3)) && (((gap[1] - gap[2]) == 2)) || ((gap[1] - gap[2]) == 3)) && (((gap[2] - gap[3]) == 2)) || ((gap[2] - gap[3]) == 3)) )
                //Player is sending an IP.

Expect errors, I did write this in the quick reply box.

EDIT: Edited a few things, still not convinced it will work... however let me know if you make it work :P. I'm interested to know if the idea is doable? ATM we're missing the first part of an IP this.x.x.xort

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Default Re: Check if string contains an IP address

I found this:
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Default Re: Check if string contains an IP address

wrote this a long time ago

but they will just go around it if you let them know you blocked their text, what I did was put them on ignore for everyone else so they'd only be echo'ing to themselves in the chat
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