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Big Clucker
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Default Server is crashing (There are logs)


My server is crashing every-time and here's the logs from the last moment before it went down.

[02:19:38] [DEBUG] CCallback::Create(amx=0xa37b4b0, name='', format='', params=0xf4880498, param_offset=5)
[02:19:38] [DEBUG] CHandle::Execute(this=0xa3b0e18, type=1, query=0xb8312a0)
[02:19:38] [DEBUG] CHandle::Execute - return value: true
[02:19:38] [DEBUG] mysql_tquery: return value: '1' (E:\gamemodes\RP.pwn:10023 -> E:\gamemodes\RP.pwn:70804 -> E:\gamemodes\RP.pwn:74327 -> E:\gamemodes\RP.pwn:75250)
[02:19:38] [DEBUG] CConnection::Execute(query=0xb8312a0, this=0xe4b45008, connection=0xa3ecec8)
[02:19:38] [DEBUG] CQuery::Execute(this=0xb8312a0, connection=0xa3ecec8)
[02:19:38] [INFO] query "UPDATE accounts SET ContactNames='0', ContactNumbers='0' WHERE ID=3" successfully executed within 0.164 milliseconds
[02:19:38] [DEBUG] CResultSet::Create(connection=0xa3ecec8, query_str='UPDATE accounts SET ContactNames='0', ContactNumbers='0' WHERE ID=3')
[02:19:38] [DEBUG] created new resultset '0xe2b000b0'
[02:19:38] [DEBUG] fetched MySQL result '0x0'
What does it mean ?
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