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Default [HELP] tune vehicle

Hello when I go to tuning garage in sf and tune my sultan then I go to LS and in some place I type /savetune and know all tune is saved like rear bumper front bumper spoiler hydraulics and I have set paintjob 1 and I was type /savetune paintjob and paintjob is 1 and when I park my car that paintjob was not stay it was black color of car but it should be paintjob 1 if you know what I mean? Thanks
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Default Re: [HELP] tune vehicle

Show you park command, and save tune command.
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Default Re: [HELP] tune vehicle

so basically everything work's fine except paintjob and I don't saving tune in park I saving it comand /savetune and all of that is saved to a vehicle data in mysql.

edit: so the problem is when is car spawned all of tuning are stay like rear bumper hydraulics etc.. but paintjob ddoens't stay instead of paintjob color of vehicle is set

pawn Code:
    new a = PlayerInfo[playerid][vehicle],id;
    if(sscanf(params,"i",id)) return SCM(playerid,COLOR_GRAD2,"{FFAF00}Koristite: {FFFFFF}/savetune [Paintjob (0,1,2)]");
    if(id < 0 || id > 2) return SCM(playerid,COLOR_GRAD2,"{F81414}[Greska!] {C3C3C3}Pogresan ID Paintjoba!");
    new komponenta1 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_SPOILER);
    new komponenta2 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_HOOD);
    new komponenta3 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_ROOF);
    new komponenta4 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_SIDESKIRT);
    new komponenta5 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_LAMPS);
    new komponenta6 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_NITRO);
    new komponenta7 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_EXHAUST);
    new komponenta8 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_WHEELS);
    new komponenta9 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_HYDRAULICS);
    new komponenta10 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_FRONT_BUMPER);
    new komponenta11 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_REAR_BUMPER);
    new komponenta12 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_VENT_RIGHT);
    new komponenta13 = GetVehicleComponentInSlot(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid),CARMODTYPE_VENT_LEFT);
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta1] = komponenta1;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta2] = komponenta2;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta3] = komponenta3;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta4] = komponenta4;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta5] = komponenta5;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta6] = komponenta6;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta7] = komponenta7;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta8] = komponenta8;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta9] = komponenta9;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta10] = komponenta10;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta11] = komponenta11;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta12] = komponenta12;
    VInfo[a][vKomponenta13] = komponenta13;
    VInfo[a][vPaintJob] = id; here I save from sscanf id of paintjob
    new query[800];
    mysql_format(mysql,query,800,"UPDATE `vehicles` SET `Paintjob` = '%d',`Komponenta1` = '%d',`Komponenta2` = '%d',`Komponenta3` = '%d',`Komponenta4` = '%d',`Komponenta5` = '%d'",id,komponenta1,komponenta2,komponenta3,komponenta4,komponenta5);
    mysql_format(mysql,query,800,"UPDATE `vozila` SET `Komponenta6` = '%d',`Komponenta7` = '%d',`Komponenta8` = '%d',`Komponenta9` = '%d',`Komponenta10` = '%d',`Komponenta11` = '%d',`Komponenta12` = '%d',`Komponenta13` = '%d' WHERE `VoziloID` = '%d'",komponenta6,komponenta7,komponenta8,komponenta9,komponenta10,komponenta11,komponenta12,komponenta13,VInfo[a][VoziloID]);
    return 1;

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