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Post [MAP] Antarctic

more screen's by author:click

Converted 2sa:diegoforfun, i just converted it 2sa-mp

SA-MP 0.3DL + Server

download the archive below and move the files to the folder of your server

don't forget to add the script in server.cfg
HTML Code:
filterscripts Antarctic
Download: here
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: [MAP] Antarctic



Ruby on Rails
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: [MAP] Antarctic

nice job, +rep
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: [MAP] Antarctic

looking good!!

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Default Re: [MAP] Antarctic

Keeps saying there was an error downloading ur file
Originally Posted by Andy
I offer paid scripting services, I can do anything except mapping because fuck mapping.

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Default Re: [MAP] Antarctic

Awesome work, good job rep!
Here is my discord server
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