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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

Good continuation.
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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

Originally Posted by Isolated View Post
There is a lot of truth to this thread, a lot of toxicity, but still truth. Communities evolve constantly and I think this is an example of that.

SA-MP a few years ago was a good community to be a part of, helpful, respectful and decent but with a lack of staff members to enforce the rules (where the fuck is dugi) it's no surprise it's ended up going in the direction it has.
Honestly? Sew has pretty much turned into the current-day SickAttack. Stuck up attitude and always replying condescendingly to people he doesn't agree with and then crying about it when it bites him in the ass. Part of why so many people are shitposting in his thread is because of his general behaviour.

This "thread" of his? It was incited because someone stood up to him and people didn't join the argument he (Sew) incited. He literally pulled a SickAttack.

He had a mental breakdown and asked the beta testers to delete his account and then ended up creating this thread. It was an attention grab. He couldn't "win" against Josh so he instead made a thread bitching and complaining, saying he was being harassed etc even though it was he who incited the entire ordeal because he couldn't resist "berating" someone.

Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi View Post
It's been getting tougher and tougher on here to actually point out any wrong in what people are posting, without them coming to personally attack, or to berate me at every turn, in every other thread (And I mean this... If you have to bring an argument into another thread to continue it, then you're a fuckwit).
You do realise you are the one berating and personally attacking people, right? Even at the end of your post you pretty much post quotes with the intent of making people look stupid.

It's hard to take you serious - heck, one time you even argued with me when I agreed with you. I'm no saint and a lot of people dislike me as well but boy you've got a knack for playing the victim.

Let me just say that if you really were planning to leave this community, you would already have left. People like SickAttack and Vince (who actually were fed up and not grabbing for attention) left the forums and never looked back. You? You've been on and off shitposting and "helping" people again, replying to people in a condescending manner as you usually do.

You tried starting shit. It bit you in the ass and here you are sat crying about it while keeping up your usual shitposting escapade.

I know you're going to write up a witty reply to me to try and shut me down, tell me to fix my English or whatever, it's predictable as fuck but here's something;

Go for it buddy, this is the only constructive reply you will get out of me because it's genuinely delusional that some people buy this sob story.

I'm going to keep on shitposting on your shitty thread from now on like I've been doing all along.
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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

Working on a Trucking Server from scratch.
There are cool features, like /workmenu /convoy /pay(When Police Officer asked you for a fine) and more etc.
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Angry LOL, you'll shit on my thread? Well, then here you go...

How's about you respond to the points, rather than simply throwing out hate.

The reason why I don't actually have the patience anymore, is over those last 5 -6 years, the level of stupidity, copy-pasta, insta-suggestion without asking a single fucking question, and insta-suggestion to update plugins also breaking the gamemode in the progress, has risen so highly that there's no option OTHER than to berate your stupidity...

There's a reason why you troubleshoot, and a high percentage of the people here making out like I'm a dick about it, are responsible for this bullshit...

There's a reason why you troubleshoot, and find the issue, before throwing out random fixes, for shit that you haven't actually figured out if it's a problem or not.

How many threads are people simply posting 'update your plugins' when the OP pastes up the end of the log saying 'function not found'...

If you can't understand why it's fucking retarded that no-one even asks for the log, checks what they are running, or even THINKS about their mode when suggesting retarded fixes that skip 6 diagnosis steps, then you really have to wonder how well you even know computers...

It's like you'll rip apart your computer because your printer ran out of fucking ink... That's how retarded the 'support' in this forum has become...

This is something I have been berating, and given the chance, I'd -rep all of you into the ground for even pulling that bullshit.

You're not teaching anything by throwing up copy paste fixes without explanation, you're not helping a scripter diagnose their fault by simply throwing out random suggestions.

In many cases, you're making it harder, because by the time someone actually finds the thread and points out the simple missed step, there's already 3-4 pages on the damn thread, and the user is tired, giving up, and leaving because nothing was working from your world class suggestions.
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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

That -rep thing's pretty funny lmao

How come you said you're out but you're still here? If you're going to leave, why do you bother to respond to the thread at all? Sure, people are arguing with you and whatnot but you're still here throughout it all. Just stick to what you said rather than having the last word, it's that simple.
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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

well said southclaws…. you should also look at the positive side though, sew.
I've nothing personal against you, you've been a good member so far (except when you got into childish fight with another child called crystalize), and you shouldn't leave this platform just because you there are some assholes out there. they will always be, everywhere.

Join the samp discord though, its a good place to get in touch with the community in a better way, and we also have a dog called rudy aka j0sh aka jamster aka freshncool.
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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

Originally Posted by [HLF]Southclaw View Post
I think there's a lot going on here, and since you wrote a rather large post I'll break it down with a hopefully friendly and dialectic response.

So I've noticed what you pointed out here too. The quality of responses has dropped over the years. I don't think there's any intent of malice though. What has most likely happened is the experienced users are less active due to, y'know, growing up and getting jobs etc. Some may have just become less active as they focus on their servers and others may just lose interest. No one is obligated to stick around and help, but I'm sure you know this.

I think the core of the issue here is expectations vs reality, with a mix of rose tinted glasses and a downright negative and cynical attitude to top it all off. Let's break it down:

The past is usually more appealing than the present. That's not just some quote to make you feel bad about your opinions, it has some truth to it. Yes I know a lot of the original members have left and yes I know the quality of some of the content has dropped but at the same time, you have to look at it objectively and try to avoid those natural cognitive biases like the 'rose tinted glasses' effect. Instead of reminiscing about how great the past was, make an effort to bring up spirits for the present!

Secondly, expectations. We all have them. We all have this world-view, this model, this way we describe what we experience. What the forums are to you is most likely very different to what they are to me. Some come here expecting help and some come here to just chat. Some want to help others, and sometimes those people expect that the people they help should act in a certain way. This is where problems arise because everyone has different expectations and world-views that they use to treat these issues. I'm not saying any of this is wrong, this is just people, but the best solution is to just be open minded and don't fall back to negativity when a thread starts to get a bit heated.

And that brings me to my final point. Negativity multiplies, positivity adds. What I mean by that is the unfortunate effect of how negative discourse in a thread generally makes the thread spiral into chaos as members slowly up the ante post-by-post and it doesn't end well because by the end of it, no one is talking to anyone, they are just trying to throw the coolest insult or find some way to strawman the opposition's argument. This is not healthy debate. On the flipside to that, positivity doesn't multiply in this way which might have you thinking "what's the point in being positive then" well surely a small chance of gaining something is much better than a high chance of losing something? You may leave a pleasent comment 100 times and only one of those is appreciated and results in an uplifting thread but I'd argue that's a much better bet than leaving 100 cynical or negative comments only to find that 90% of those threads diverged into flame wars.

I think you're well written, you're helpful and you've contributed quite a bit over the years. I just think your posts can often be a bit too on this negative side, contributing to a whirlpool of one-ups and pointless arguments.

That's my 2 cents on the topic anyway, interpret it as you like.
A very well thought out reply. Good man.
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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

Sew, you've been around since as early as SARP that's true but look how much NGG has swallowed you up, you're lost. You were supposedly leaving like 5 years ago but you're bothered that Devin and Farva deleted your account before handing the DB over to Zhao.

I think you need to just take a break cos we know you'll be back.
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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

tell someone who cares
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Default Re: Well, I've been here for over 10 years.

Sew, A lot of people in the community understand what point you're trying to raise, but the problem is that you're complaining about the community to the community, even though you may have good intentions but the level at which SA-MP forum is today is absolutely ridiculous.

I barely visit these forums anymore (I last logged into the forums 2 weeks ago) and I've decreased my activity over the course of the past few months now. You can just do the same and care less about it.
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