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Default Re: Current state of SAMP

The way that someone drew up the players on servers up to 750k, when it's usually sitting at a fraction of that, without having anything done at that time.

Same with those servers who are actually plainly bots (As i doubted it, but joined a few, and they are actually empty, even using hacks, there are no actual players, the servers are purposely reporting a full server) which never get looked at or removed from the master list.

-Edit- Matter of fact, if the hosted tab is being mirrored to the Internet tab, then EVERY SERVER WHO IS FULL OF BOTS, is on the HOSTED TAB.... What in the fuck is this... The EULA says no bots, but a significant portion of those listed in the hosted tab are full of bots...... LAWL.... What in the actual fuck.... -/Edit-

And then the fact that the actual list is only showing hosted tab results, makes it almost impossible to be seen unless you've got hosted, or a proper playerbase prepared to join a server that won't get advertisement via the internet list.

As the above have said, this mod needs attention... Servers should need to be verified as true (Bots servers should be taken out completely), and the old 'Official' tab could be brought back for GOOD servers, with UNIQUE features, and proper new ideas about gamemodes.

But then we'd always end up with some, not being put on there because of personal opinions, and servers being there that shouldn't just because someone knows them and likes them...

Really though, things need to be done, because it is tiresome to see, and know, all of this goes on.

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