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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Server crash

Now have this crash ... ;/

pawn Code:

SA-MP Server: 0.3d

Exception At Address: 0x72331BB0


EAX: 0x4E7C9831 EBX: 0x1000D31E ECX: 0x7FFFFFFE EDX: 0x00000073
ESI: 0x00000000 EDI: 0x4E7C9831 EBP: 0x0012CD88 ESP: 0x0012CB04
EFLAGS: 0x00010202


+0000: 0x016E2638   0x00000000   0x00000000   0x00000109
+0010: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x00000007   0x01D27830
+0020: 0x01D20000   0x01D29FE0   0x01D41E68   0x01D21798
+0030: 0x01D207D0   0x00000001   0x0012CDAC   0x00000000
+0040: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x1000D31E   0x00000000
+0050: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x77340262   0x0000001C
+0060: 0x0012CF40   0x00000000   0x4E7C9831   0xFFFFFFFF
+0070: 0x73000109   0x00000000   0x00000180   0x01D22A40
+0080: 0x00000001   0x000002F5   0x72315B00   0x01D22990
+0090: 0x00000476   0x01D27838   0x00000040   0x000004F6
+00A0: 0x723918FC   0x00000201   0x00000000   0x0012CBBC
+00B0: 0x72302E2B   0x01D40A10   0x00000000   0x14000014
+00C0: 0x01D41F48   0x0012CC04   0x723157B4   0x72377408
+00D0: 0x00000000   0x000007FF   0x0000000C   0xF20004F6
+00E0: 0x01D200C4   0x00000001   0x0012CBD8   0x00000002
+00F0: 0x00000008   0x01D27838   0x01D27838   0x01D27833
+0100: 0x00000000   0x0039CF2B   0x01D20000   0x013918FC
+0110: 0x0012CB5C   0x016E2638   0x775A58EC   0x758EC2E2
+0120: 0x00000170   0x0012CC5C   0x0012CC64   0x00000008
+0130: 0x0000000E   0xFFFFFFFF   0x00000003   0x7237D6A0
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Server crash

You missing some scriptfiles i think..
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