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Little Clucker
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Default Help with mysql

Okay so first of all, I am rookie with mysql and I can't figure the way to set up my database and start working with it.

I've created DB with table called UserIds. I need to have user_Name and user_kills in that table for every player on server BUT! I can't figure out how to create that, so far what I've got is this:

	"user_Name"	TEXT,
	"user_kills"	INTEGER
I'm using DB Browser for SQLite to create the DB and the table. My whole gamemode is in Y_INI and I have folder in my scriptfiles called 'UserIds' that had .ini files in it called 'user_1.ini', 'user_2.ini' etc. In those files i had only user's name and kills stored, so now all I'm looking for is to create that but in mysql.
I have already 1000+ users in scriptfiles and I'm looking to store all of them in my mysql database if there's any code that could help me out to do that I'd appreciate it very much!

Oh and also, does my hosting need to provide me with some mysql database thingy so I can link it or can it all work as it did before? Again, I'm not saving every user's info, i have seperate folder for that and its in Y_INI, all i want to save in mysql is user's name and user's kills.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Help with mysql

PHP Code:
+REP if I helped you.
Sorry for my bad english.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Help with mysql

I still need help with code to convert my Y_INI savings to MySQL if anyone can help?

This was my INI code for saving:
stock SaveUserID(playerid)
    new u = Data[playerid][userid];
    new lFile[128];
    format(lFile, 128, USERID_FOLDER, u);
    new INI:File = INI_Open(lFile);
    INI_WriteString(File, "user_Name", User[u][user_Name]);
    INI_WriteInt(File, "user_kills", User[u][user_kills]);
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Help with mysql

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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Help with mysql

SQLite and MySQL is different. SQLite is already bundled with sa-mp server package and the database is saved as .db file under the scriptfiles folder. The DB Browser software you are using is for SQLite. And there is nothing else needed from the hosting provider.

MySQL requires a mysql client and sever, you can get a MySQL client plugin to work with the sa-mp server, and yes your hosting may needs to provide the mysql server locally, unless you connect remotely to another server.

Also please provide more details of your users Y_INI directory tree/structure, a sample would be helpful (i.e. whats inside).

EDIT: i misunderstood, seems you still want to use Y_INI as you have another files

And also please show the Data[][] & User[][] enum array definitions...
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