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Huge Clucker
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Default Help me with 1 more thing please :)

guys if you dont mind i would like to know how to fix this last thing.

if your taking guns from guns list then it tells you that you have Registred in the server and everygun you take it tells you that i dont know whats the problem(NOTE: i got the reg system fixed that it wont kick me anymore)


    if (dialogid ==	DIALOGREG)
        new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], file[256]; //string[128];
        GetPlayerName(playerid, name, sizeof(name));
        format(file, sizeof(file), SERVER_USER_FILE, name);
        if(!response) return Kick(playerid);
        if (!strlen(inputtext)) return
        ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 1, DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT, "You Havent been Registred", "Welcome, your not registered mate, input your registration pw below", "Register", "Leave");
        dini_IntSet(file, "Password", udb_hash(inputtext));
        dini_IntSet(file, "AdminLevel",PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdminLevel] = 0);
        dini_IntSet(file, "Money",PlayerInfo[playerid][pCash] = 500);
        dini_IntSet(file, "Score",PlayerInfo[playerid][pScore] = 0);
		SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_YELLOW,"[SYSTEM]: You have Registerd in World of Stunting Server! Welcome !");
        gPlayerLogged[playerid] = 1;
Please help me if you can
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Spam Machine
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Default Re: Help me with 1 more thing please :)

I used to have some strange problems such as yours with the dialogs too. After using easydialog include by Emmet_, everything works great!

You can find the include here:
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Default AW: Help me with 1 more thing please :)

Switching to another system wont fix the problem... it will move it to somewhere else
In most cases it just seems that it is fixed due some circumstances, wont argue on that

Also this include isn't optimsed at all, additionally you can't beat a switch with CallLocalFunction, no offense
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