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Default Updating a mysql row

Well when you sell your car in my scirpt it sets your Vehicle to None, Well it's suppose to.

For some reason this query isn't working

pawn Code:
format(str,sizeof(str),"UPDATE playervehicles SET Vehicle1='None' WHERE CarOwner = '%s'"plname);

Any reason why it's not updating the vehicle to "None" ?

Unless i'm missing somthing. It's not even giving out a print

pawn Code:
if(strmatch(str1, PlayerVehicle[playerid][pVeh1])){
                        DestroyVehicle(vehi);[color = green] // this is getting called [/color]
                        format(str,sizeof(str),"UPDATE playervehicles SET Vehicle1='None' WHERE CarOwner = '%s'"plname);
                        return 1;


I got it working, Nevermind. Someone mind locking/delteing this topic?

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