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Little Clucker
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This include was written to eliminate the known problem of re-picking pickup bug by using a key. So, when you stand on a pickup, you need to press the assigned key to make it work.
Advantages of this implementation:
Using a key - In this implementation, no dynamic zones are used, no interception of functions for creating pickups, no distance comparisons, etc, which could overload the server.

Configurable key - by default, the specified key is ALT (KEY_WALK), but if you want, you can change this key by specifying only one macro in your code (see below).

This include supports streamer plugin.

Only one body movement - you need only to connect this include, there is no need to conduct any more actions (exception: you will want to change the specified key)
PHP Code:
#include <> 

Author: Twixxx (a.k.a whale/Twixyck)
Source code:


14.04.2018 | v1.0 - Release. 15.04.2018 | v1.1 - Added compatibility of static enumeration with old versions of the compiler.
P.S I am sorry for my middling english
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