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Default Localhost problems

So when I enter on my localhost so it says

Connecting to
Retrying to connect

So server won't get started
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Default Re: Localhost problems

This really doesn't help us help you in anyway. Have you started console? Have you checked your server_log?

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Default Re: Localhost problems

Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
Have you checked your server_log?
Check your server cfg if the port is 7777, check if the gamemode's name in cfg is same as in gamemodes folder.
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Default Re: Localhost problems

Also, don't forgot to change your rcon_password from changeme to 'your own password'
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Default Re: Localhost problems

It's only launched if the command prompt window shows up without errors.
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Default Re: Localhost problems

Yeah well how about delete the server_log.txt then start the server and when it crashes post the log here with code tags
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