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Default [0.3.DL] Project Reality: Reloaded -

Project Reality: Reloaded

Project Reality: Reloaded is a medium/heavy roleplay server on the GTA San Andreas mod, San Andreas Multiplayer, running on SA-MP 0.3DL.The community was founded by Hoss and alexander in May 2020 and it is a
complete rebrand and reboot of the popular, long running community; Project Reality Roleplay.

Project Reality Roleplay was a successful community that ran for very many years, having first opened in as far back as 2007. Through the years, the community has seen a great deal of players; many of them still calling PR-RP their home and we all feel a great deal of nostalgia towards it. Officially, PR-RP shut down in around 2015 and since then many have tried to take the reigns and recreate the magic it was loved for, but sadly, they never truly succeeded.

With this new start, our vision is to bring the players a PR-RP they have never seen before, a better PR-RP. A Reloaded PR-RP. We have structured our staff team with a lot of diversity, it is not only powered by the knowledge and experience of old staff team members, the community sees a fresh and purpose made team dedicated to its success.

Community Management

For the first time in a long time, Project Reality brings you a purposeful management team. Throughout the years, PR-RP communities have always seen a lack of management, communication and direction from past management. We are now offering you a well-oiled machine, so to speak. A tight knit team.

Primarily, PR:R management consists of two founding members who are responsible for the everyday running of the community. There also are five Senior Administrators, who are each tasked with maintaining the community and its standards through carrying out their various roles efficiently.

Faction Management Team

We are very proud and happy to announce that Project Reality: Reloaded offers a fully functional and competent Faction Management Team who are at the heart of the community. The team is managed by two of our Senior Administrators and the devoted team they have put together. The team looks after both legal and illegal factions ensuring all faction standards are met. The importance of a well-designed Faction Management Team cannot be stressed enough.

The Faction Management Team strives on bringing more perks and opportunities for Legal and illegal factions to utilise whilst roleplaying to give them a better experience. Having a well scripted Warehouse for the illegal factions to utilise and perks such as Increased paychecks for not just Legal Factions such as PD and FD but for potential Law Firms and many more legal factions that are created within our community.

What to expect from PR:Reloaded as a player

Script wise? PR:Reloaded presents a FULL new script that we hope keeps our community satisfied, we aim to listen to suggestions and update our script with new ideas presented from the players and & staff. We allow members of the community to Donate for exclusive perks such as Free PayíníSpray, Car Tickets, Custom Chat and Walkstyles and many more perks for players when they decide to contribute to the Community financially.

At PR:Reloaded we put our players first besides what is a community without itís players? Our aim is to always give every player who wants to be a part of the Community an experience that they would expect to receive when joining a Medium/Heavy roleplay server, we expect our Staff to always be supportive and be reasonable to players in every situation they find themselves in we believe itís what will make our community great.

A few of the script's features

We have a great DMV system, enabling you to go take a test and obtain a license if you drive in an acceptable manner.

PR:R offers a wonderful damage system, if you happen to get shot in the leg, you will no longer be able to sprint/jump and will end up tripping over.

The script also offers a wonderful injury system, making roleplay a lot more immersive for both FD members, PD members and civilians.

There is a well made and fully functional warehouse system for official factions with gun/drug rights who will be able to manufacture illegal items through the use of products.

Want to join?

Forum URL :


Join Fast! We launch on Friday 22/05/2020!!
Credits: Hoss & Hermz
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