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Default Project Reality Roleplay (0.3DL)

SA-MP 0.3.DL is a seperate version of SA-MP featuring server-side custom models.
Right now, custom objects and custom player skins are supported, with more types planned for the future. ((KALCOR))
New server ip91.121.223.142:1222
New websit + forum:
Discord channel:
If you dont have the new version yet you can download it from -

What's new ?

PR-RP Background

Project Reality Roleplay created many years ago at 2009, made by Sapir aka JamesH and Cameron aka Scorcher.
The server got hijacked by two guys - Mr187 and Fresh after they got our trust and ripped us off.
Project Reality Roleplay was a legendery community because of its dedicated players and the family enviorment we all felt inside.
PR-RP fell down hard after the hijack because once a thief always a thief mr187 and fresh kept on scamming 99% of the samp community for example few names : Carlton N0Fear Sirab0t JamesH.

This is the past and we want to leave the past in its place, all of you who know the legandery sentence by Rocky
It doesnt matter how hard you hit, what matters is how much you can take and still moving forward!"
We jump to the present now ! 2019 is about to come and we want to welcome the new year as we should!
Thats why we created the new versionfor you!


When a player is severely injured, they enter a pre-death state, freezing them into an animation. They can be re-killed to kill them completely or revived by the Emergency Services.


Clothing shops don't offer only skins but also items (clothing accessories/toys). Players can save them and edit them to their own liking.
Items can be set to any bone on the body, re-sized and placed how the player seems fit.


We use a custom inventory system with all kinds of items ranging from general stuff like cellphones, watches, masks to drugs and other interesting stuff which will be explained in depth down below.


We offer a variety of narcotics and there are several ways of obtaining them. Official factions have two types of faction warehouses and a limited number of packages. In the picture up is shown the faction warehouse and how the inventory works with the narcotics system. It is also important to know that players are able to grow CANNABIS through using it's SEEDS and GROWING CHEMICALS.
Whilst certain drugs such as CRACK is made by mixing BAKING SODA and COCAINE.


Firearms are obtained through few methods. One method is through firearms license which is obtained by the Police Department whilst the second method is through official factions which have access to weapons warehouse. Factions with weapon rights also have a limited amount of packages that they obtain firearms from.


Since we are trying to keep a realistic portrayal of real life we have a CASH and DEBIT system implemented. That means you can buy stuff either with cash on hand or by using your bank funds. Since the community itself had issues with economy in previous runs we will be re-working prices, ways of income (re-working jobs system, etc).


Players are able to buy multiple types of vehicles and customize them in different ways. They can upgrade insurance, locks,alarms, battery, and also aesthetic looks. Also it is possible to use already defined radio stations or your own radio stations/songs that you can put through direct link function.


We wanted to offer players a full access to imagination, therefore we have implemented custom interiors. Players can put ACTORS (NPC's), backdoor and custom objects inside and outside their businesses.


Same goes for the housing system. Every player is able to customise their own house design as long as it is realistic. They are able to customise the exterior and interior of their houses and yards. We also offer a garage system with the same functions and backdoor system.

10.1 Version changelog :

*Upgraded to 0.3.DL
*customized business / houses interiors
*LSPD faction new cmds + divisions
*LSFD faction new cmds + subranks
*New prison system everything controllable inside.
*Buildings fire system - Houses / business can catch flames exterior and interior. If wont be dealt with on time furnish's are gone.
*Vehicle system upgraded - Insurance, lock, alarm and battery.
*Illegal factions drugs / guns warehouses with daily packages.
*/earpiece for using /r
*/taze /ta /taser - wont reduce players HP
*improved shells system / gun serial numbers
*increased weapons magainzes bullets
*Imporved BOMB for vehicles
*Casino system implented with textdraws - BlackJack and Rulleta
*Basketball system improved - added courts in ganton / el corona / prison
*Prison location relocated with new epic interior + cells control + basketball + dinner room
* holidays events - presents around LS in christmas + snow
* halloween script with trick or treat houses system.

We wiill let you discover the rest in game !

Cheers, PR-RP,

PR-RP is back
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