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Big Clucker
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Default Inline timer issue

So Im using THIS inline timer include.

The problem is when the SetInlineTimer executed I got back these errors in the console (however, its executing successfully):
PHP Code:
[debugRun time error 5"Invalid memory access"
[debugAMX backtrace:
debug#0 00012a80 in Malloc_Free (Alloc:slot=8380680) at \pawno\include\YSI_Coding\y_malloc/
[debug#1 00051110 in public InlineTimersHandler (repeat=0, address=8380680, pointer=332848, offset=12, data1=1, data2=0, Alloc:mem=2089776) at \pawno\include\ 
These are the lines in ( 25-28 ):
PHP Code:
if (!repeat) {

Here are some debug info:
PHP Code:
Pawn compiler 3.2.3664                  Copyright (c1997-2006ITB CompuPhase

Header size
:           5684 bytes
Code size
:           362668 bytes
Data size
:          8380664 bytes
/heap size:   17039360 bytesestimated maxusageunknowndue to recursion
Total requirements
:25788376 bytes 
Im posting this since I have no clue how to fix this lol. I would appreciate some help (even if its working).
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Default Re: Inline timer issue

Do you use YSI 5.x ?

pawn Code:
print({1466458484, 543452960, 2037347616, 1952999790, 1797286260, 544694643, 543649646, 1851859053, 1634428192, 1056964608});
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