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Little Clucker
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Default Rust SA:MP SDK

It's a Rust library allows you to write plugins in Rust.

Hides most of type coercion. You don't need make a cell type as a String or other things yourself.

  • new_plugin! that defines a plugin and exports functions.
  • define_native! defines a native and parses arguments.
  • log! calls logprinft funciton.
  • natives! makes a vec of your natives.
  • get_string! and get_array! convert pointers to a slice or a String.
  • set_string! sets a string to an AMX by a physical address.

Make a new plugin
struct Plugin {
    version: &'static str,
    amx_count: u32,

impl Plugin {
    fn load(&self) -> bool {
        log!("Plugin is loaded. Version: {}", self.version);
        return true;

    fn amx_load(&mut self, amx: &AMX) -> Cell {
        let natives = natives![
            { "MyFunction", my_function }

        match amx.register(natives) {
            Ok(_) => log!("Natives are successful loaded"),
            Err(err) => log!("Whoops, there is an error {:?}", err),

        self.amx_count += 1;


    fn amx_unload(&mut self, _: &AMX) -> Cell {
        self.amx_count -= 1;


    fn my_function(&self, _amx: &AMX, player_id: i32) -> AmxResult<Cell> {

impl Default for Plugin {
    fn default() -> Self {
        Plugin {
            version: "0.1",
            amx_count: 0,


// Also you can make a plugin with ProcessTick support.
new_plugin!(Plugin with process_tick)
Define a native function.
Hides arguments parsing inside the macro.

All you need are to define a method function_name in your new plugin with given arguments.

// native: FunctionName(int_arg, &float_arg);
define_native!(function_name, int_arg: i32, float_ref_arg: ref f32);

// native: WithoutArguments();
Call natives and public functions.
// Broadcast to all subscribers that a user have changed his name.
fn notify(&self, amx: AMX, player_id: u32, old_name: String, new_name: String) -> AmxResult<Cell> {
    exec_public!(amx, "OnPlayerNameChanged"; player_id, old_name => string, new_name => string) 
Documentation and examples
Here is documentation and there is an example plugin (Memcached library) and here is a more simple example.


Ask your questions and more popular will be in wiki on GitHub.

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