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Default Improved pawn doc style

improved is subjective


Some of you may know you can write documentation in your PAWN code and the compiler can generate a report for you. See [Tutorial] Pawn Documentation Comments/Tags or just read the PAWN language guide (around page 52).

I found some things were annoying, so I changed the style a little bit.
Here are the most notable changes:
  • more uniform style
  • member types each have a different color
  • fixed showing empty properties in firefox and chromium
  • generated index table
  • larger fontsize
  • auto link to sa-mp wiki for every member
  • support for <b> <strong> <a> tags
  • ignore __file __date __time members


If you want to compare, check out the demo reports with the normal style and with my modified style. (Requires a browser that can do XSLT. Demo code partly copied from the PAWN language guide.)


After the report has been generated, change the xml-stylesheet href in the generated xml file (should be on the 2nd line) to pawndoc.xsl and put the xsl file in the same folder. Then open the xml file with your favorite browser (that supports XSLT).
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Default Re: Improved pawn doc style

Nice. Too few people use this. One small personally subjective point - I like the look, when it is scaled to about 80% of current size. Right now everything is quite huge.

This is the custom .XSL I use for YSI and

A lot of them are very specific, but I've found some of them useful for larger scripts, like <section>, <subsection>, <library>, <seealso>, etc. Would be nice to see the visual style of yours mixed with the added organisational features of mine.

Edit: Might as well mention this here for anyone else interested. The default SA:MP compiler has a bug in documentation generation when states (automata) are used and the resulting XML is invalid*. I use the following regex to remove these bad tags:

Search: <transition target[^/]+/>
Replace: (nothing)

Also, note 2, you can use <!-- XML comments --> in PAWNDoc comments:

PHP Code:
<!-- A comment in a comment -->
And the result will be output as a comment in the resulting XML.

* Technically it just puts garbage data in the file, so you may get lucky and not get an invalid file one time, but that's unlikely.
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Default Re: Improved pawn doc style

Originally Posted by yugecin View Post
Some of you may know you can write documentation in your PAWN code and the compiler can generate a report for you.
Didn't even know :O. This is how I did it before seeing this:
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