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Default How to give Collisions to objects with using KDFF ?

Hello guys, since from this version we are allowed to create our own custom objects and import them into game I am trying to learn how to use KDFF lately and set collision for my models... but however I can't find a good tutorial about it and I'll be thankful if any of you experienced guys can help me with this problem I am having at the moment.

I am working on this model at the moment, ( forget about the basketball court next to it ) As you see the building, you guys are able to see ''inside of that building'' .. thats what I am trying to create but as you know there is a collision problem. I want this object as ''solid'' but I don't want its window and entrance parts as solid.. because I want to head inside freely so yeah entrance can't be solid. However I don't know how can I create a ''collision'' for this model.. thats sure I should create that collision just by myself and I need a hand. I don't know a tutorial about it, a program or anything else and I wait for your help. This object is originally ID "5414" I just removed that building's windows and doors... so I'll be able to see inside of it and make it look more dope.

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Default Re: How to give Collisions to objects with using KDFF ?

use kdffgui not kdff.
1. Import dff file
2. Select Mesh faces
3. Select Make Col
4. Select save dff (rewrite)
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