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Little Clucker
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Default SAMP crashing

I have a trouble with game crashing.. This happens if i sit into the vehicle etc.
I tried older versions of samp, but there is still same problem. MTA or Singleplayer is working good.
I have win10, i tried reinstalled it, but nothing happened, still same crash. Also I'm owner of the cracked steam version.
Thanks for your help.

SA-MP 0.3.8-RC4-4
Exception At Address: 0x06EFC1AA
Base: 0x06E40000

EAX: 0x00695000 EBX: 0x1665FDC0 ECX: 0x00000200 EDX: 0x00000800
ESI: 0x1665F5A4 EDI: 0x00694800 EBP: 0x00000800 ESP: 0x1665F580
EFLAGS: 0x00010206

+0000: 0x06F959B8 0x1665FDC0 0x07496200 0x122F7E01
+0010: 0x06EFC423 0x1665F5A4 0x00000800 0x1665FDC0
+0020: 0x1665FDBC 0xFF8A7151 0xFF8A7151 0xFF897051
+0030: 0xFF897051 0xFF897052 0xFF897052 0xFF897153
+0040: 0xFF897155 0xFF8A7255 0xFF8B7457 0xFF8C7558
+0050: 0xFF8C775A 0xFF8D785A 0xFF8D785A 0xFF8D795A
+0060: 0xFF8D795A 0xFF8D795A 0xFF8D795A 0xFF8D775A
+0070: 0xFF8D775A 0xFF8E775A 0xFF8E775A 0xFF8E785A
+0080: 0xFF8E785A 0xFF8D795B 0xFF8D795B 0xFF8D795B
+0090: 0xFF8D795B 0xFF8E795C 0xFF8E795C 0xFF8E785B
+00A0: 0xFF8E785B 0xFF8C785B 0xFF8C785B 0xFF8B795B
+00B0: 0xFF8B795B 0xFF8C7A5C 0xFF8C7A5C 0xFF8C7B5D
+00C0: 0xFF8E7B5E 0xFF8F7C5F 0xFF917C5F 0xFF917D5F
+00D0: 0xFF917D5F 0xFF927D5E 0xFF927D5F 0xFF917D5E
+00E0: 0xFF917C5E 0xFF917D5E 0xFF8F7C5D 0xFF8F7B5C
+00F0: 0xFF8F7A5C 0xFF8F7A5D 0xFF8F7A5D 0xFF8E7A5D
+0100: 0xFF8E7A5D 0xFF8E795D 0xFF8E795D 0xFF8F7A5E
+0110: 0xFF8F7B5E 0xFF8F7C5F 0xFF907E60 0xFF917E60
+0120: 0xFF928163 0xFF938264 0xFF938264 0xFF948365
+0130: 0xFF958466 0xFF958466 0xFF968567 0xFF978668
+0140: 0xFF978668 0xFF978669 0xFF978669 0xFF978668
+0150: 0xFF978668 0xFF988669 0xFF988669 0xFF988769
+0160: 0xFF988769 0xFF98876A 0xFF98876A 0xFF98876A
+0170: 0xFF98876A 0xFF988769 0xFF988769 0xFF978668
+0180: 0xFF978568 0xFF968568 0xFF968566 0xFF968465
+0190: 0xFF968466 0xFF958465 0xFF958465 0xFF948466
+01A0: 0xFF948466 0xFF958567 0xFF968466 0xFF978567
+01B0: 0xFF978567 0xFF978467 0xFF978467 0xFF968366
+01C0: 0xFF948164 0xFF938062 0xFF917E60 0xFF907D5F
+01D0: 0xFF8F7D5E 0xFF907D5E 0xFF907D5E 0xFF917E60
+01E0: 0xFF938062 0xFF948164 0xFF968366 0xFF988568
+01F0: 0xFF9A886A 0xFF9B896C 0xFF9C8B6E 0xFF9C8C6F
+0200: 0xFF9C8C70 0xFF9C8C70 0xFF9C8C70 0xFF9B8B6E
+0210: 0xFF9B8B6E 0xFF9B8B6E 0xFF9B8B6E 0xFF9B8B6E
+0220: 0xFF9B8B6F 0xFF9C8B70 0xFF9C8C70 0xFF9D8C70
+0230: 0xFF9D8C71 0xFF9D8C70 0xFF9B8B6E 0xFF9A896C
+0240: 0xFF99886A 0xFF968669 0xFF958467 0xFF958264
+0250: 0xFF938062 0xFF917D5F 0xFF8E7B5D 0xFF8F795B
+0260: 0xFF8D7759 0xFF8B7658 0xFF8B7457 0xFF8A7457
+0270: 0xFF8A7356 0xFF897254 0xFF897252 0xFF887252

SCM Op: 0x248, lDbg: 0 LastRendObj: 0

Game Version: EU 1.0

State Information: Ped Context: 0
P0 (0,0) P1 (0,0) P2 (0,0)
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Default Re: SAMP crashing

Are you running any animation or vehicle modifications?
A K I R A / O H A N A
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Old 05/02/2018, 06:05 PM   #3
Big Clucker
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Default Re: SAMP crashing

Also I'm owner of the cracked steam version.
Thats the problem. Steam has updated the game and there is lot of radio songs removed. After this, the client will crash when you enter a vehicle. This is common, just search the forum

I had the same problem earlier, got a non-steam version and problem solved
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Default Re: SAMP crashing

This should be reported as a bug so that it can be fixed rather than suggesting to switch copies...

I seem to remember someone tried putting the music back on a steam version, but I can't recall if they ever came back saying it worked as such.
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Old 08/02/2018, 12:58 PM   #5
Big Clucker
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Default Re: SAMP crashing

Use this patch and downgrade***:

On your steam game, no more crash.

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