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Little Clucker
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Exclamation [REQUEST] Custom Gamemode/Scripts. Can you make this? I will pay!

I am looking for any scripters out there that might want to make this or if they have something close to this and can add any missing features. I can pay $25 immediately, and if you want more, I can get up more but I want to keep it at $25 and extra for future updates/additions. I want it to be called [x]R's Cops N Robbers v.1. Credits to whoever makes this and their email/site will still be displayed on the site and server.
I think I covered it all. The details are below. If you have any questions, please post them here or PM me. If you are interested in doing this, I would like to get it done as soon as possible. I have a server up and ready/waiting. Please reply here or PM me.


custom [x]R cops n robbers game mode/script

Server name: [x]R's 24/7 Cops N Robbers

Server Site:

we want to be able to play this game mode on these 3 cities, where we can

switch to each city after like 3 hours a piece.

los santos
san fierro
las venturas

we want all players to only spawn in the current active city.

at spawn, we want it to be where there are like 5 different cop skins, the

sheriff, fbi, city cops and swat. we also want the non cops (civilians) to be

able to pick a bunch of different (non cop) skins.
once the civilians spawn, they will see a list of skills (/skill) like drug

dealer, thief, arms dealer, prostitute, rapist, kidnapper, con artist, driver

(taxi/limo) medics, food delivery person, hitman

all commands for each skill can be found by typing /cmds

civilian jobs/skills

drug dealer has the ability to sell drugs to people and grow drugs.

thief can steal cars even if they are locked. the thief also has the ability

to break into locked houses and rob them. i want all houses that we set for

sale, to have a /robbery checkpoint in them for people to rob the houses if

they can break in. also if the thief can break into the house, i want their

wanted level to go up to 4 stars instantly so it makes it harder.

the arms dealer can sell weapons. also have the ability to edit each price for

each gun that they sell. in order to sell guns, they should have to get a gun

permit at the police stations or city hall. if the arms dealer sells a gun to

someone near a cop, they will get 1 star. arms dealer spawns with a shotgun or

a mac 10.

the prostitute can offer sex for money from people by typing /sex nickname or

dance for people and make money. also able to rape people and give them

diseases which kill people slowly unless they get to the hospital or a medic

to heal them. if they sex/rape anyone, they will get 1 star. they spawn with a

dildo. prostitutes spawn at sex shops or stripping clubs.

the rapist rapes people by typing /rape nickname near the person. if they

successfully rape someone, then they give them random diseases. raping will

get 1-2 stars. rapists spawn with a dildo.

kidnapper can kidnap people by driving a cab/limo and they look like they are

a driver, and they offer someone a ride and if the person gets in the car,

they type /kidnap name and the person is stuck in the car until they or

someone else pays the default ransom which is setup as $10000 by default. if

no one pays the ransom in 5 minutes, the person who is kidnapped can escape

the car. most people will not want to wait 5 minutes so they will pay the

ransom by typing /ransom nickname

con artist can rob money/guns from people who are walking by going near them

and typing /rob name. if successfully robbed someone, they will get like 1-2

stars. con artists spawn with a bat.

drivers can drive taxi/limos and offer taxi services to people by typing

/driver and it advertises to people that they are on duty. people can type

/driver and it requests a driver to go to their location to pick them up.

medics can heal people's health and get rid of any diseases that anyone has.

also they have the ability to give diseases to people if they want. if they

give a disease to someone, they get one wanted star.
their command is /heal or /disease. medics can also sell armour to people.

food delivery person can deliver food to people which will give them health.

they can offer food delivery to people by typing /delivery nickname. they will

spawn at the burger shot places or the cluckin bells.

hitman can accept hits from people and the people who want the hits type /hit

nickname amount and the hitman gets a message of the hit, and can do the hits

and get paid if they kill the person who the hit was put on. if they kill

someone, they get 1-2 stars. they also spawn with a silenced pistol and a

sniper rifle.

cops skins/skills

swat (1 skin)
spawns at police hq's and has an m4 rifle, deagle, armour, shotgun, nite stick

and tear gas.

cop (more than one skin)
spawns at police hq's and has a mp5, deagle, shotgun, spray cans, nite sticks

and armour.

fbi agent (more than one skin)
spawns at fbi hq's and has tec9 with deagle, armour, spray cans, nite sticks,

and shotgun.

army guy (1 skin)
spawns at army base and has an ak47, deagle, armour, tear gas and shotgun.

sheriff (more than one skin)
spawns at the sheriff's department and has an mp5, deagle, shotgun, spray

cans, nite stick and armour.

security guard (security guard skin)
spawns at a bank or casino and has an auto shotgun, deagle, spray cans, nite

stick and armour.

cops can taze people, and arrest people only if their wanted level is 3+

stars. warrants are issued if the criminal does not pay their ticket with 1-2

stars. cops can issue tickets by pressing (number 2) and the criminal has the

option of paying their ticket which ranges from $500 - $3000 depending on the

cops can also release people from jail early if they want. cops will also be

able to repeat the ticket to the criminals when they are in their cop cars, by

pressing (2) and it will display the message to the criminal to pay their

ticket or after so much time it will upgrade to a warrant where they get

arrested if they are out of their cars, the cops can press (2) near anyone who

has a warrant and is out of their car and it arrests them and puts them in

jail. cops can also radio in backup when chasing a criminal and all cops get

the message.

if a cop dm's anyone that is not wanted, then the person gets spawned and

keeps their money/guns and it is called an unfair death. the cop then gets

warned not to dm and if they continue to do it 1-2 more times after, they

automatically get kicked from the server.

house information

options where admins can set the prices for each house they want to add for

sale. the house will have a red checkpoint where the user goes to the

door/checkpoint and it tells them the options and they press numbers for the

options like where they can buy the house, visit the house and if they own it

they can add a password to the house. they have the options to store their

guns/money in the house and it will be there when they get back in the server.

also the option to add one car to spawn with them. also if someone owns a

house, they spawn in it when they come in the server.
i do not want people to have to type /enter or /exit. i want it to be a red

checkpoint that pulls up the options for them to pick.

i want to have two admin houses for the leaders/owners of the server to have

all the time and it cannot be bought.
i want choppers put on each of the two properties and 2 fast cars that are

always in the driveways and are for admins only. i want the two admin houses

to have a safe in each of them. civilians may enter the two admin houses and

attempt to rob the safes. if they try, they have to stay in the checkpoint

while they rob it and then they have to take the safe to another checkpoint

that will be on the map somewhere. if they do it successfully, then they get

like $500,000. they will automatically get 4 stars for attempting to rob it

and a message gets sent to the cops about the attempt robbery that is in

progress. the houses will be determined when we get to that point.

admin base

i also would like to have an admin base somewhere on the maps. just one that

admins can teleport to and it will have the best cars, choppers, bikes, planes

etc. i want the base to have a gate that opens only to a unique password that

all admins will use to get in/out of it. i want the base inside to have a

checkpoint in the base that will give them money, guns and misc stuff. i know

there is no point since an admin has a menu to do all of this stuff, but it

just makes the base more fun and interesting. maybe even a spot to get

food/health and beer/drugs and get drunk or high. i want the admin base to be

named [x]r admin base somewhere.

admin commands/features

if an admin types /amenu it will bring up all their commands/options like
god mode (give god mode to self or ids)
health (give health to self/id's)
slap (if available)
option to spawn cars
option to give self or id's weapons
option to give money to self or id's
option to teleport to users or certain spots of the map(bank, pd, admin base,

food places, stores, city hall etc.)
if i missed any other important admin command, then just add them to this


misc. stuff/options

an option where two cars that are near each other can start a mini race by

typing /race and they go for so many meters and whoever wins will get like a

certain amount of money for a prize.

all businesses/places have red checkpoints instead of having to type /enter or


a detailed gps system that will show arrows on the road where to get to

certain spots of the maps. they can pick out certain spots of the map to go


a gym where people can learn/pay for new move sets.

car selling cranes in each cities that people can sell most any car type and

get a certain amount of money and they press (2) at the checkpoint/crane area

and it sells the car. if the car is damaged, the value goes down. if they do

it around a cop, they get a star and have to pay a ticket. after selling one

car they gotta wait like a few minutes before selling another. all the cars

they can sell, will display a message on their screen telling them they can

sell it at the local crane and how much it is worth.

a user registration system that everyone can register their nicknames and it

saves their job/skill and saves their money every time they come in. they can

type /register.

a banking system that they can deposit/withdraw money. stock markets and

social security and tax refunds at the bank and city hall. also a tax system

that taxes people and their money so they can get a tax refund. i just don't

want it to tax people to death. i also don't want people to lose so much money

when they die. i remember dying on another server and losing $80k which is way

too unfair.

i also want to have a building picked out and call it the deathmatch arena

where people pay a fee and can go in and dm each other without getting in

trouble. but only in that designated area. the arena inside, would sell rocket

launchers and all sorts of heavy artillery, as well as all the other guns.

i want to have some bots on the server, like in city hall, the police

department, and the airport. also add the bots to some of the taxi's so they

can drive people around and the airport can fly people to any other airport in

all the cities. i do not want the bot cops to be un realistic though. i want

it where they still gotta drive to the full location of a robbery and stuff

like that. not where they just teleport to the robbery/crime.

i want civilians to lose health on police/army property.

if at all possible, if i find some premade bases/houses that people have

submitted, i would like to add them to this gamemode/script. i will give

credits on the site to anything i use.

i also want a cellphone feature where people can type /call and private chat

with a certain id.

i also would like some anti-cheat system on the server. i realize there are a

bunch of cheaters and i want to keep them out of my server.
i cant stand a damn cheater. they are a pathetic and useless waste of life.

i would also like to have the robberies be at every public place/business by

typing /holdup at the checkpoint inside the buildings. i want the total to go

up randomly the more they wait at the checkpoint. the total can not reach past

$100,000. sometimes randomly completing at any certain amount.

i also want the 24/7 stores to have a bunch of stuff like scratch tickets,

pets, drugs, food, pistols and more stuff for people to buy.

i would also like to add a lottery system on the server too.

also i would like to add mini missions any civilian can do to earn money like

/carrier jobs, and driver missions if they jump in semi trucks, delivery

trucks, fishing on boats etc.

you may also add other mini missions for people to do to make/earn money.

obviously if i missed something that is crucial in a cops n robber server,

please feel free to add it. i want this cops n robbers server to be unique,

fun and keep people coming back. i will pay extra for any future

updates/additions we may need. i have a 200 slot server and would love to see

it get used up.

i would like to add all cars available to this map. if possible, add more cars

in random locations than default. if at all possible, i would like all

civilians to spawn in the active city somewhere. i know it is a pain to spawn

out in the middle of no where and have no car and have to walk halfway across

the cities to get somewhere or something.

Also maybe some hidden guns somewhere on the map if possible, for people to

drive somewhere and get them. Like a rocket launcher in one city/area or a

mini gun somewhere else or something like that. Just to make things a bit more

interesting and fun. Maybe some more secret areas or secret stuff.

I do not want to make people get licenses to drive cars or anything like that.

Just the gun permit and fishing permits if they are doing a fishing mission.
Permits are purchased at the police departments and city halls and banks.


Thats what I came up with. I know I probably missed some things but in a nutshell, that is what I am looking for.
Please PM or reply to this. Thanks!

PS: You will get payment or if you don't want payment and be co-owner of the server, we can work those details out too. I will pay the server on time every month, so no need to worry about that. Let me know which way you want to do this.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: [REQUEST] Custom Gamemode/Scripts. Can you make this? I will pay!

Would have been so much easier for both you and the community if you took your time to learn the fantastic scripting language of PAWN so you can build what you want, whenever you want without any extra costs.

Weapons Filterscript


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Little Clucker
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Default Re: [REQUEST] Custom Gamemode/Scripts. Can you make this? I will pay!

haha I would have but I run a full time cevo clan on CS CZ. I play GTA on the side. All my members just recently purchased GTA and wanna have our own server up. I also run TWO pub servers that I maintain on my own, on CS CZ also. I just dont have the time to dedicate solely to GTA, or else I honestly would. We have played gta pub servers but it just does not compare to having your own that you control.
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Default Re: [REQUEST] Custom Gamemode/Scripts. Can you make this? I will pay!

Hate to tell you, but you are not going to get anyone willing to make this for you with only $25. A basic Cops 'N Robbers gamemode runs around $50, and I mean basic. You may find some more lenient people, but you can't assure quality in the work. My suggestions would be to get some more money before asking for such a job to be completed, or learn the language yourself and create it.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: [REQUEST] Custom Gamemode/Scripts. Can you make this? I will pay!

As I said in there, if they are wanting more money, then to let me know. I can get more up if I have to. This was just a basic request. I did not know how much these things go for. So I kinda threw my idea out there...
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: [REQUEST] Custom Gamemode/Scripts. Can you make this? I will pay!

I understand what you mean then. You could try look for a gamemode in the gamemode section which match your specifications as close as possible. Then you could attempt to edit some of it.

I understand that you don't have enough time for learning PAWN, but know some basic stuff can and will help you several times(like knowing what to do with errors.)
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