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Little Clucker
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Default Gaming laptop SAMP

Does anyone play on a gaming laptop?

Im planning to buy some laptop with an i7 cpu and a gtx 1060 6gb gpu its that acer predator Helios 300 2018 version

Wondering if anyone of you knows how does these gaming laptops work with samp like are they giving the required amount of fps needed for an enjoyable gameplay?
Also I'm planning to install alot of mods including colormods skybox and these textures shit
In your opinion do you think a gtx 1060 mobile
Can hold samp with a tons of mod giving high fps ?

Also guys who play on a gaming laptop can you comment down your laptop specs and your average fps because its going to be my first time to buy a gaming laptop
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Default Re: Gaming laptop SAMP

Well, I own a similar Asus laptop which handles GTA V on high settings with decent FPS. The only downside is the heat that laptops produce which can by time, decrease their life, which is also normal.

Before I got my computer I used to game on the laptop a lot. After some time I noticed that it actually curved at the back and when closing the lid it didn't properly become one with the laptop anymore. The excessive heat damaged the laptop in some case, even tho it is still functioning normally. However, I believe not for long if I'd continue using it like that. It did last for 2 years and still working. I believe you could build a PC for the same amount of money as the Helios would cost you. Although peripherals would have to be bought separately.

Before you buy anything always do a research on the Internet. This will help you to avoid regretting making a purchase later on. I'm not saying that I do regret owning a gaming laptop. Almost every gamer had one gaming laptop which you could also take with you wherever you go and keep gaming or do anything else that'd you would on your computer normally.

Welcome stranger. I like your attitude.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Gaming laptop SAMP

Oh thank you very much
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