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Default Re: Pawn.RakNet

Originally Posted by Spmn View Post
Why don't you simply call `SetVehicleVelocity`? You should use this plugin to gain new features, not to reimplement existing ones.
Original function works for all players, while he calls it for particular player stored in playerid. The name on the function probably should be with "ForPlayer" at the end.

As for the solution, PR_UINT16 is the right type for vehicleid in any vehicle-related functions, as far as I tested it before.
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Default Re: Pawn.RakNet

I have this error in server logs when using Pawn Raknet.

[18:49:46] [debug] AMX backtrace:
[18:49:46] [debug] #0 0002d2f8 in public Iter_OnGameModeInit () at C:\Users\User\Desktop\SA-MP\pawno\include\
[18:49:46] [debug] #1 native CallLocalFunction () in samp03svr
[18:49:46] [debug] #2 0002d2f8 in public OnGameModeInit () at C:\Users\User\Desktop\SA-MP\pawno\include\
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Default Re: Pawn.RakNet

I'm more curious how to make anti cheat with this plugin
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