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Default User Experience - Timed Rewards

Hi, quick question.

I'm making a timed rewards system for my server. It rewards x score and x cash every x minutes. However, I'd like your opinion (the SA-MP community) on how much cash & score should be rewarded, as well as how often it should be given (e.g. every 15 mins, every 30 mins, every 1 hour, etc).

This is for a trucking gamemode, so that may influence it. I'd like to encourage players to stay on for longer, so possibly smaller rewards but more often would be beneficial. On the other hand, it could encourage players to stay on longer if they were for longer periods of time, as they would get a bigger reward. I'm not sure.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

(also, whether this should be in this category or scripting support, im not sure- sorry!)
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