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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Apologies

Originally Posted by Lj™
I don't know who he is or what he did.
And I didn't imply that he shouldn't be unbanned or mention it at all.
I'm just pointing out that ban evading will improve your chances of being banned for even longer, if the ban wasn't permanent in the first place.
Don't you get it?
i wanna come back in sa-mp, with apologies about my bad mistake, but i don't wanna start a new acc ..
i don't wanna make them to unban, i said if they wanna , if they don't, then don't.
and Sidhu, i love your post

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Default Re: Apologies

Originally Posted by .::Red Laser::.
No, don't YOU get it.
You're ban evading if your other account is banned, obviously the moderators don't want you unbanned for a reason.
Unless I'm mistaken, don't tell me otherwise.
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