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Default Re: Driving Lessons

do like in gta, ram everyone
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Default Re: Driving Lessons

Not sure if the system there is the same as in Finland, but when taking tests here you need to turn your head ALOT, not the same as you would when driving normally, head has to be turned a lot to make the teacher think you're putting enough effort to pass the test, just check all the mirrors and watch out.
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Default Re: Driving Lessons

You're a learner so don't be afraid to make mistakes and don't feel pressured by other drivers you see. They all started where you did, make sure you listen to your instructor and ask when you need help, you're paying them for a service so you can use it. Make sure you don't try going too fast (in learning) and always practice something until you're 100% sure of it. Also, revise for it as you would anything else you're learning. The theory test in the UK is fairly simple, but the practical test requires some effort. At the end of the day, driving is a very dangerous thing and is a very easy way to be killed, so make sure you are ready before going out on the roads without an instructor.

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Default Re: Driving Lessons

I'm attending my first driving lesson too! hahah
God help us!
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Default Re: Driving Lessons

The most important thing is how you use your eyes. Even experienced drivers do this wrong. When people drive up to an intersection and they want to turn right, they often slow down way too much or even stop completely because they're not focusing on what's important. In their head, they think "oh I need to focus on the right because I'm going right and I need to give anyone from that direction right of way". In reality, it doesn't matter if there's anyone coming from the right. The most important thing is your left, if there's a car coming from the left you need to be able to read him and even though you have right of way he might not let you go first, so if you determine the left is safe, have some confidence in your driving ability and throw the car out in front of anyone who's coming from the left because that's what your instructor will want to see. Right before you turn out, have a quick glance over to the right to see if anyone's coming from there.

Also you should look far ahead. And by that I don't mean looking far in front of you, in case of an intersection like above, I would start scanning the left around 400 meters before I get to the intersection, I'll have a clear idea of what's coming, I can start making a plan in my head on how to handle the upcoming situation and I'll be ready for any surprises from bad drivers. Those people who drive slowly or stop at intersection and then start looking? Those are the kind of drivers who say they're experienced and know how to drive but in reality they are awful.

A good example is my mother, I was in the car with her recently and we came up to a big open intersection. She drove up to the line, only focusing on stopping in front of the line, she turned on her indicator to the left, crawled up a little to see what's on the left, in the meantime cars from the right got way too close and she couldn't cross because of it, then she looked right, cars were coming, by the time they passed cars were coming from the left and so on.

What she should have done: Drive up, get off the throttle at 300 meters before the intersection and let it roll in 2nd on the last 100 meters. She had a better view of the right so she should've checked that first. Right is clear? Good, now focus on the left, you have about 20 meters left now so please place your feet over the clutch and brake in case there's something coming from the left. Nothing coming? Make the turn. Something coming? Use your clutch to manage your speed better and plan your speed according to the traffic that's coming, allowing you to pass without braking or stopping.
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Default Re: Driving Lessons

Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi View Post
Don't get hung up on any mistakes you may make... People concentrate on the "Oh shit, I screwed that up", and then keep thinking about it for the entire time they are making 10 other mistakes.
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Default Re: Driving Lessons

Originally Posted by Lordzy View Post

(the this rule still alive)

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Default Re: Driving Lessons

Driving really is not that hard.

The worst thing you can do is panic if something goes wrong or you do something wrong. Don't panic.

The car will stall on you sometimes as you learn. Again, don't panic.

Get in the habit of coasting. Throw your car into neutral when you don't need to be giving it gas and you will save gas money like crazy.
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Default Re: Driving Lessons

Don't forget to turn the handbrake off like I did. When I went for my first lesson I put the car in d then i just press on the acceleration and was wondering why it wasn't going lol then my instructor said stop and think about it.
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Default Re: Driving Lessons

First things first, get your theory test out the way.
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