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Lightbulb GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

What is GTA United Roleplay?

GTA United Roleplay is a script that WAS consisted on a edit of a script in which I won't name, WHICH eventually was made into it's own thing with identitcal edits that were removed or even remade. The script is 0.3e based and it only works for the client, GTA United 1.2. Please do keep that in mind.

How did this start off?

Starting from back in 2013, after releasing the New York modification for SA-MP that consisted on custom models which most were ported from various mods and games, most from GTA IV which are highly recognizable. I had lack of self motivation for it and ran across a few friends or people I knew who were working with GTA United 1.2 at the time and took the opportunity to look into such a mod.

I actually stumbled upon someone who was at the time, named audio something. Who at the time was working on a Roleplay server for GTA United 1.2 and shortly closed it down after two or three weeks in development. He also trashed the source/script of what he was working on so I'd luck out if I tried asking him. And even then, I had NO KNOWLEDGE what so ever when it came to pawn. I was just someone who knew more about 3DS max than just simple pawn scripting.

A month in, I decided to do the utmost newbie thing, and download an illegal leaked script, and hook it up to a windows server in which I managed to obtain from the modified client of GTA United 1.2, I'll leave a link to the topic in this thread.

Things were all over the place, and as I said before, I had no idea on what I was doing at the time. So like any other starting scripter, I began to take a look inside the script to see what I could do. I started with the most smallest things from switching names on messages, to even changing integers around on certain functions to see what did what. Of course, I tried also getting scripters interest in helping me, I ended up receiving no help, spending days to hours contacting scripters on SA-MP forums to my Skype's friend list. I had no luck getting any.

I eventually gave in and decided to teach myself and even go as far as to work with filterscripts around SA-MP forums, using tutorials on the forums and if I came across an issue, the "search function REALLY does help." After the months go by, and keep in mind. I have a life and I did attend school at the time, I invested half of my time to look into this so called edit.

Gaining such knowledge; I removed, edit or even made new things within the script which took so much time to do, I didn't feel that doing the script for scratch would be necessary, rather than editing the script would've been the easy way out as I've already invested many months into the making.

Fast forward to this year or late last year, most of the script's features are done from scratch by me from those 3 years I've put myself into for something like this. I felt in love with it due to how powerful and how much I've invested into something like this.

I will admit to receiving help at the end or middle of 2015 when it gain a little attention. But it only consisted on possibly one feature, which was the flag feature. Which I think Castiel for. But other than that, I was the only scripter who took part of such script. And I understood why before I even began touching it.

This will probably be the last project I'll be working on SA-MP.


NEW! - Vehicle hot wiring system!

A life system!

Hunger controls how you eat and survive. Simple and much explanation doesn't need to be explained there. Fresh food gives you more hunger, but the more hunger, more weight. So head the gym time to time after eating.

Fever is simply a sickness adddon to where if your Fever reaches 100, you become instantly sick. You can take meds to instantly recover from this and it's affordable. Fever is adjusted to mainly how cold or hot it can be.

Your bladder, pretty much self explanatory. Pissing helps cope with those "issues."

Energy is used when doing most of the activities during out the day and stops you from doing certain things.

Hygiene, Weight and Muscle, more..

Drug System!

When it comes to planting, there's an infinite amount which is dynamic and can be removed when the plant is seen. There's only four drugs, Heroin, Speed, Crack and Pot. Which do effect the life system as well as your well being. For instance, Speed gives you an unlimited amount of energy, or Pot makes you really hungry.

And plenty more! That I just can't list here due to the fact of how much is added to the script from it's 3 year life span..

- Tons of jobs, including your average pizza, Drug Dealer, Pilot, Street Sweeper, Arms Dealer, Taxi Driver, and Trucking jobs!

- You're able to craft numerous amount of things, including weapons and gadgets!

- We have a dynamic and stable business system.

- Functional Gym System

- Functional VIP System

- Car Radio system, fully working!

- Casino and other activities!

- Server side Tuning garages throughout the map, and the tuning saves!

- NPC's around the map for entertainment and transportation uses(2 only remain, the LC Subway NPC and a NPC Private Stripper.)

- Dynamic Hotdog Stand system.

- Dynamic House System!(For your Furniture System usage too! The interiors are empty.)

- Dynamic Family System that is stable!

- Dynamic ATM's that are all over Liberty City and Vice City!

- Prison/Jail System (Map exist, but was in progress.)

- Custom mapping through two of the states!

- Ingame RCON map editor included!

- Dynamic Icons!(Admins can set them from ingame!)

- Factions have unique abilities and commands, some are user friendly.(Recognizable when I say user friendly.)

- We have a variety of factions around both maps of LC and VC! From the FBI, LCPD, VCPD to Weazel Studios! We have medical factions and fire department factions too!

- Weazel Studios can not only host news but TV shows!

- We have a dynamic Furniture System that anyone can steal and sell! But permission will need to be granted before actually lifting a furniture set or stealing one.

- Our toy system include toys all the way to 0.3e toys, including new toys that allow your players to enhance their Roleplay situations!

- Gates and Doors are dynamic!

- And many more!

Vehicle and Ped IDs

pawn Code:
### Liberty City Peds
904, UGLC03a, UGLC03a, GANG3, STAT_GANG3, gang1, 110F,1, null,9,2,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_LSV1 ,VOICE_GNG_LSV2
905, UGLC03b, UGLC03b, GANG3, STAT_GANG3, gang2, 110F,1, null,9,2,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_LSV3 ,VOICE_GNG_LSV4
906, UGLC04a, UGLC04a, GANG4, STAT_GANG4, gang1, 110F,1, man,3,4,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_DNB1 ,VOICE_GNG_DNB1
907, UGLC04b, UGLC04b, GANG4, STAT_GANG4, gang2, 110F,1, man,3,4,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_DNB2 ,VOICE_GNG_DNB2
910, UGLC06a, UGLC06a, GANG6, STAT_GANG6, gang1, 110F,1, null,9,2,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_LSV1 ,VOICE_GNG_LSV2
911, UGLC06b, UGLC06b, GANG6, STAT_GANG6, gang2, 110F,1, null,9,2,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_LSV3 ,VOICE_GNG_LSV4
912, UGLC07a, UGLC07a, GANG7, STAT_GANG7, gang1, 110F,1, man,0,0,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_VLA1 ,VOICE_GNG_VLA2
913, UGLC07b, UGLC07b, GANG7, STAT_GANG7, gang2, 110F,1, man,0,0,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_VLA3 ,VOICE_GNG_VLA4

### Vice City Peds
915, UGVC01a, UGVC01a, GANG1, STAT_GANG1, gang1, 110F,1, null,9,2,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_LSV1 ,VOICE_GNG_LSV2
916, UGVC01b, UGVC01b, GANG1, STAT_GANG1, gang2, 110F,1, null,9,2,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_LSV3 ,VOICE_GNG_LSV4
917, UGVC02a, UGVC02a, GANG2, STAT_GANG2, gang1, 110F,1, man,0,0,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_VLA1 ,VOICE_GNG_VLA2
918, UGVC02b, UGVC02b, GANG2, STAT_GANG2, gang2, 110F,1, man,0,0,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_VLA3 ,VOICE_GNG_VLA4
921, UGVC04a, UGVC04a, GANG4, STAT_GANG4, gang1, 110F,1, null,9,2,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_LSV1 ,VOICE_GNG_LSV2
922, UGVC04b, UGVC04b, GANG4, STAT_GANG4, gang2, 110F,1, null,9,2,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_LSV3 ,VOICE_GNG_LSV4
927, UGVC07a, UGVC07a, GANG7, STAT_GANG7, gang2, 110F,1, null,5,5,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_FAM1 ,VOICE_GNG_FAM2
928, UGVC07b, UGVC07b, GANG7, STAT_GANG7, gang1, 110F,1, null,5,5,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_FAM3 ,VOICE_GNG_FAM4

997, tommy, tommy, CIVMALE, STAT_SENSIBLE_GUY, man, 0, 0, man, 1,4, PED_TYPE_GEN, VOICE_GEN_MALE01, VOICE_GEN_MALE01           #Tommy Vercetti
998, ghodiaz, ghodiaz, CIVMALE, STAT_SENSIBLE_GUY, man, 0, 0, man, 1,4, PED_TYPE_GEN, VOICE_GEN_MALE01, VOICE_GEN_MALE01       #Ghost Diaz
999, lance, lance, CIVMALE, STAT_SENSIBLE_GUY, man, 0, 0, man, 1,4, PED_TYPE_GEN, VOICE_GEN_MALE01, VOICE_GEN_MALE01           #Lance Vance

#Vehicle ID's

449,    tram,       tram,       train,      TRAM,       TRAM,       van,    ignore,     10, 01012,       -1, 0.78, 0.78,     -1       #Replaced by LC Train
505,    gangbur,    gangbur,    car,        BURRITO,    GANGBUR,    van,    normal,     10, 00,      -1, 0.7, 0.7,       -1           #Replaced by Gang Burrito, tunable
537,    bellyup,    bellyup,    car,        MULE,       BELLYUP,    null,   worker,     10,     00,      -1, 0.76, 0.76,     -1       #Replaced by Belly Up
538,    hoods,      hoods,      car,        BURRITO,    HOODS,      van,    normal,     10, 00,      -1, 0.7, 0.7,       -1           #Replaced by Hoods
569,    yardie,     yardie,     car,        ESPERANT,   YARDIE,     null,   normal,     10,     00,      -1, 0.64, 0.64,     0        #Replaced by Yardie, tunable
570,    columb,     columb,     car,        BOBCAT,     COLUMB,     null,   normal,     10, 00,      -1, 0.84, 0.84,     -1           #Replaced by Cartel Cruiser, tunable
590,    mafia,      mafia,      car,        SENTINEL,   MAFIA,      null,   richfamily,     10,     00,      -1, 0.7, 0.7,       0    #Replaced by Mafia, tunable
594,    mrwong,     mrwong,     car,        MULE,       MRWONGS,    null,   worker,     10,     00,      -1, 0.76, 0.76,     -1       #Replaced by Mr Wongs
598,    copcarvg,   copcarvg,   car,        POLICE_VG,  POLICAR,    null,   ignore,     10, 00,      -1, 0.7, 0.7,   -1               #Not replaced yet
599,    copcarru,   copcarru,   car,        POLRANGER,  RANGER,     null,   ignore,     10, 00,      -1, 0.95, 0.95, -1               #Not replaced yet
604,    diablos,    diablos,    car,        STALLION,   DIABLOS,    null,   normal,     10,     03210,       -1, 0.7, 0.7,       0    #Replaced Diablos
605,    cubanh,     cubanh,     car,        HERMES,     CUBAN,      null,   normal,     10,     03210,       -1, 0.7, 0.7,       0    #Replaced by Cuban Hermes, tunable
611,    yakuza,     yakuza,     car,        BANSHEE,    YAKUZA,     null,   executive,  5,  00,      -1, 0.7, 0.7,       0            #Replaced by Yakuza Stinger, tunable




Those are the two main videos in regards to the release but you can check out the rest on this channel.



You can download the whole server package from here, if the file ever goes offline or anything, please pm me and I'll upload multiple sources to download them.

Release! - 10/21/2017!

Mirror #1!QngkxLyD!n5yOQoJlN...H6bANFn-ilx5L8

Mirror #2

Mirror #3

GTA United 1.2 Windows/Linux files

GTA United 1.2 Total Conversion Mod

The End

It's been a great journey working with this script with my team and those who offered to help with me. I had ups and downs with the script but I had fun scripting it. And to say the very least, this is the last of my works.

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Default Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

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Default Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

I was a admin over there called 'Kevin_Hendrews', Made by some executive admin xD
Unfortunately I had to leave GTA United since there was no fun because of players
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Michael B
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Default Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

Hmm, that was something unexpected. I appreciate your decision to release the script even thought you've worked a lot to it.
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Default Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

Well work, soupiest, it's me Shawn.
REP me I'll rep you back for sure! Thanks.
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Default Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

Looks Good REP+
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Default Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

It's sad to see an awesome server like that is closed.

-That's a quite wonderful script
Going to use it.

+REP for you,Soupest.
Playing Samp Since 2009
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Default Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

you have workshop system?
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Default Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

when i try connect server then it say's "Server not responding" i tried 0.3z and new vers.
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Thumbs up Re: GTA United Roleplay[GTAU:MP]

Brilliant script, keep it up
HostName: California City Role Play
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