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Little Clucker
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Default Any private RP servers on GTA?

Title. I'm not exactly looking to rp on what's already available, I prefer shorter rp sessions and preferably in groups. It's sort of annoying having to interact with not as serious people who don't care much for roleplay or rather join appealing factions or replicate their notion of a modern-day gangster.

Is there something or anyone out there... who feels the same way? I'm tired of being restricted by in-game "scripts" attributed to my character. E.g farming for resources, or having to have an item in my "inventory" to roleplay it accordingly. I just wanna meet people who aren't afraid to create the many storylines GTA could provide. I don't care about scripts... I'd just like to seriously roleplay like how other platforms and mediums are capable of only using /me and do or even just T to type.

I dunno if I should just give up on roleplaying on GTA lol. I don't always check sa-mp so my discord is an alternative. Faricarnon#3402
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