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Big Clucker
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Default Any RPG?

Hi. I'm looking for some nice RPG game playable through website, nothing downloadable. It may even be some text game. I just want to have some fun but I can't find anything interesting.
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Default Re: Any RPG?
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Default Legend of the Red Dragon

Can't go past the classic.

Had to chuck up some more due to there being death everywhere... Sad times...

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Default Re: Any RPG?

Try some games from InnoGames. They're somewhat pay-to-win lately but can still be fun for a while. Mind you that these aren't real time, so if that's what you're looking for these games aren't for you.
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Default Re: Any RPG?
Life is like a box of cheap-ass no cocoa garbage dollar-store chocolate.

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Default Re: Any RPG?

Originally Posted by kaisersouse View Post
Free RPG!!
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