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Default "" ─ Stop vehicle teleportation.

If you do not approve of this thread as a moderator, please send me a personal private message about why it's going to be removed. Thank you, don't be stubborn; it'll help a lot of server owners.

Why? What? Why'd you make this?

Too many morons on my server thinking that I couldn't ever come up with a patch, so I decided I shall make them cry with the release of this.

This plugin attempts to block all vehicle teleportations with mod_sa (a cheating tool). These teleportations are usually undetectable but anyway; since no one wanted to convert my plugin to linux, I decided to not bother to wait thus I made a PAWN version. The PAWN version is more flawless than the plugin at the moment.


You must have the newest foreach!!!!

#include <a_samp>
#include <VehicleSync>
Must be beneath a_samp and there you have it - plug and play.

How it works

... Once a player car spawns more than five vehicles, all unoccupied vehicles will be respawned.

[10/19/2012] RELEASED

Latest Version: 0.1 (10/19/2012)

[Include] "" ─ Terminate cleo hackers!


If there are any other problems then the ones listed below, please send me a private message. This include is running on my CnR server and seems to be working nicely.
  • [MINOR] There's no velocity detection (I've removed it as it doesn't detect any vehicles). So if you jump out of a vehicle at some high speed, then it will respawn.
  • [MINOR] Using foreach for respawning all vehicles doesn't seem to work on linux. Not sure why.
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