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Thumbs up CreateBox

Hello everyone,

so i am releasing the include which i used for my server.

What is the include about?
- You can use this instead of GameTextForPlayer, so that means there will be a textdraw shown for some seconds (you can define it).

pawn Code:
#include <a_samp>
#include <foreach>

new Text:ueberschrift[MAX_PLAYERS];
new Text:insidetext[MAX_PLAYERS];

static bool:fnc[1] = false;

public OnGameModeInit()
    fnc[0] = (funcidx("CB_OnPlayerConnect") != -1);
    CallLocalFunction("CB_OnGameModeInit", "");

#if defined _ALS_OnGameModeInit
    #undef OnGameModeInit
    #define _ALS_OnGameModeInit
#define OnGameModeInit CB_OnGameModeInit
forward CB_OnGameModeInit();

public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    if(fnc[0]) CallLocalFunction("CB_OnPlayerConnect", "i", playerid);
    ueberschrift[playerid] = TextDrawCreate(501.000000, 222.000000, "info");
    TextDrawBackgroundColor(ueberschrift[playerid], 50);
    TextDrawFont(ueberschrift[playerid], 2);
    TextDrawLetterSize(ueberschrift[playerid], 0.320000, 1.299999);
    TextDrawColor(ueberschrift[playerid], -1);
    TextDrawSetOutline(ueberschrift[playerid], 1);
    TextDrawSetProportional(ueberschrift[playerid], 1);
    TextDrawUseBox(ueberschrift[playerid], 1);
    TextDrawBoxColor(ueberschrift[playerid], 6062591);
    TextDrawTextSize(ueberschrift[playerid], 586.000000, 0.000000);
    insidetext[playerid] = TextDrawCreate(501.000000, 237.000000, "text");
    TextDrawBackgroundColor(insidetext[playerid], 50);
    TextDrawFont(insidetext[playerid], 0);
    TextDrawLetterSize(insidetext[playerid], 0.270000, 1.000000);
    TextDrawColor(insidetext[playerid], -1);
    TextDrawSetOutline(insidetext[playerid], 1);
    TextDrawSetProportional(insidetext[playerid], 1);
    TextDrawUseBox(insidetext[playerid], 1);
    TextDrawBoxColor(insidetext[playerid], 150);
    TextDrawTextSize(insidetext[playerid], 586.000000, 0.000000);
    return 1;

#if defined _ALS_OnPlayerConnect
    #undef OnPlayerConnect
    #define _ALS_OnPlayerConnect
#define OnPlayerConnect CB_OnPlayerConnect
forward CB_OnPlayerConnect(playerid);

stock CreateBox(playerid,header[],text[])
    new string[128];

    format(string, sizeof string,"%s",header);

    format(string, sizeof string,"%s",text);

    PlayerPlaySound(playerid, 1057, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);

    SetTimerEx("CloseBox", 5000, 0, "i", playerid);
    return 1;

forward CloseBox(playerid);
public CloseBox(playerid)
    return 1;

Copy the code and paste it in notepad, now save it as and put it in your includes folder which is located at the pawno application.

Alright, now you want to use it, right?

Here a command for testing:
pawn Code:
if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/test", true))
        CreateBox(playerid, "info", "Ich liebe alles auf dieser ~r~Welt ~n~~w~und meine ~g~Mutter ~w~am ~y~meisten");
        return 1;


The box will dissapear in 5 seconds, to change it open the include and look for SetTimerEx, change 5000 to how much seconds you want. (5000 = 5 seconds)


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Big Clucker
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Default Re: CreateBox

Looks nice makes it much easy'r to script
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Default Re: CreateBox

Thanks for this looks good :P
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Default Re: CreateBox

that's it ...Ready nice and wonderfull and looks prett NYc ... keep up and +1

I wont read the long and longest answer like 1-7 line .

MY EXPERIANCE = Table making,Forum making,Coding fixing,Port forwording,Fixing 19 run time error.Making an public server, and alot of more ..."PM ME" if you have any kind of question. Feel free to ask.
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Default Re: CreateBox

well could be useful for making some attractive GameText's
Nice job
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