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Little Clucker
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Default Moving Icon on textdraw

Essentially id like to make an area display on the screen showing a map using a textdraw. From this textdraw I would like to live update the player's location on the minimap. I already know how id like to display the map I just don't know if its possible to update the player's position like that on the minimap textdraw. Any tips are appreciated!
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Default Re: Moving Icon on textdraw

You'll need to calculate the player position on the Map TextDraw, which depends on the Map's size and position.
The SA Map is 6000.0m x 6000.0m, the TD grid is 640 x 480, and the map is just a part of that grid (eg. 200 x 200 at a specific position on the TD grid) so the player's coords must be transformed to that grid.

When you calculated the point on the TD grid you can create a (player) textdraw there for the icon, then keep updating it by destroying and recreating the icon.
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