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Big Clucker
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Default error 037: invalid string (possibly non-terminated string)

This is the command where is the error:
CMD:hqs(playerid, params[])
	if(gPlayerLogged[playerid] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "Trebuie sa te loghezi.");
		if(CP[playerid] != 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GOLD, "Ai deja un punct rosu activ. Foloseste comanda '/killcp' pentru a renunta la el.");
			ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, dGPS+3, DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS, "HQ-uri", "Factiune\tTip\nLos Santos Police Departament\t{D2B48C}Departament\nSan Fierro Police Departament\t{D2B48C}Departament
			\nLas Venturas Police Departament\t{D2B48C}Departament\nFederal Bureau of Investigation\t{FFA500}Departament\nNational Guard\t{FFA500}Departament\nMayor\t{FFA500}Mixt Faction\nParamedic\t{FFFFFF}Peaceful Faction
			\nTow Truck Company\t{FFFFFF}Peaceful Faction\nNews Reporters\t{FFFFFF}Peaceful Faction\nHitman Agency\t{FFA500}Mixt Faction\nLos Santos School Instructors\t{D2B48C}Peaceful Faction\nLos Santos Taxi\t{FFFFFF}Peaceful Faction
			\nSan Fierro School Instructors\t{FFFFFF}Peaceful Faction\nSan Fierro Taxi\t{FFFFFF}Peaceful Faction\nLas Venturas School Instructors\t{FFFFFF}Peaceful Faction\nLas Venturas Taxi\t{FFFFFF}Peaceful Faction\nGrove Street\t{FFFFFF}Gang
			\nThe Ballas\t{FFFFFF}Gang\nLos Santos Vagos\t{FFFFFF}Gang\n69 Pier Mobs\t{FFFFFF}Gang\nSan Fierro Rifa\t{FFFFFF}Gang\nDa Nang Boys\t{FFFFFF}Gang\nThe Russian Bratva\t{FFFFFF}Gang\nYakuza\t{FFFFFF}Gang\nSindacco Family", "OK", "Cancel");
	return 1;
How can i solve this
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