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Default Re: MySQL not saving Price, Type, Locked Balance ETC

Originally Posted by SiaReyes View Post
check out Mysql_log!
Doesn't say anything in the MySQL Log but in server console says

[21:17:53] [debug] Run time error 3: "Stack/heap collision (insufficient stack size)"
[21:17:53] [debug] Stack pointer (STK) is 0x52CBFF0, heap pointer (HEA) is 0x52DAAB8
[21:17:53] [debug] AMX backtrace:
[21:17:53] [debug] #0 ?? in public dialog_CreateBusiness () from Compile.amx
[21:17:53] [debug] #1 native CallLocalFunction () [004747d0] from samp-server.exe
[21:17:53] [debug] #2 ?? in public OnDialogResponse () from Compile.amx

tried making query size bigger same thing.
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Default Re: MySQL not saving Price, Type, Locked Balance ETC

Originally Posted by TheLeech View Post
doesn't insert anything into businesses now.

mysql_format(g_iHandle, querylist, sizeof(querylist), "INSERT INTO `businesses` (`ID`, `Name`, `EnterX`, `EnterY`, `EnterZ`, `ExitX`, `ExitY`, `ExitZ`, `Interior`, `VirtualWorld`, `Price`, `Type`, `Owned`, `Locked`, `Balance`)\
			VALUES ('%d', '%e', '%f', '%f', '%f', '%f', '%f', '%f', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%d')", id, PCreateName[playerid], BusinessInfo[id][EnterX], BusinessInfo[id][EnterY], BusinessInfo[id][EnterZ], BusinessInfo[id][ExitX], BusinessInfo[id][ExitY], BusinessInfo[id][ExitZ], BusinessInfo[id][Int], id, BusinessInfo[id][Price], BusinessInfo[id][Type], BusinessInfo[id][Owned], BusinessInfo[id][Locked], BusinessInfo[id][Balance]);
			mysql_query(g_iHandle, querylist);
There is a limit for local strings/arrays until run time 3 is given. Declaring `querylist` as static local is one solution but you should really remove unnecessary characters. You only need ` ` for reserved keywords, you only need ' ' for strings. Forcing an integer or float as a string '%d' '%f' you force mysql to convert them internally. By setting default values to these three columns and their values reduces more characters.
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Default Re: MySQL not saving Price, Type, Locked Balance ETC

Go on with Default values. When you insert a data into a table, it will automatically set default value to unspecified columns.

`Price` mediumint(10) unsigned DEFAULT '0',
`Owner` mediumint(10) unsigned DEFAULT '-1',
So, you don't need to provide value for "Price" and "Owner" coulmns in insert query, since when you insert data, the unspecified coulmns in insert query will automatically update it's specified default value.
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