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Big Clucker
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Default Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

Im thinking of making a LV based roleplay server since on most big servers ls and SF is big but what do you think the downside of lv is on why it is neevr big on servers.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

Just mainly because people are unfamiliar with the area.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

Cause those are all rich hoods and there's no real place to roleplay gangs, unless you map those places.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

Los santos is the most famous
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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

Originally Posted by GoonerMapping View Post
Cause those are all rich hoods and there's no real place to roleplay gangs, unless you map those places.
There are areas where gangs can rise. It's just people who lack imagination.


I personally like LV yet many servers there die out cause people are used to LS only.
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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

LS Is Famous And LVA Is Not Famous Because The Building and Place not suported for Roleplay
Legendary Criminals

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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

Because lv isnt a town hardly has buildings and stuff like lv,sf does... mainly the strip so yeh
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

Quote from tomsontom

Originally Posted by TomsonTom
I used to roleplay in all three cities on different roleplay servers. Let me explain how the cities are completely different.


The mentality of LS-RP players is very affected by Los Santos, which offers a lot of poor areas while still having a few villas in Richman and Mulholland and modern buildings in Market and Rodeo. It is perfect for gang roleplay but still allows mafia roleplay in its rich areas. It also has Ocean Docks, El Corona and Commerce, which all are interesting areas for industry roleplay.

Also don't forget that there's a village (Dillimore) on the very same island and directly connected to Los Santos.

So what kind of roleplay cannot you do in Los Santos? You can do almost everything there.

And then we have San Fierro and Las Venturas. First of all, I love San Fierro and I think it's the best designed city in San Andreas. It looks very modern and offers amazing pieces of architecture. Imagine all the businesses that could be scattered all over San Fierro! Incredible for business & industry roleplay. I also love the tram route there as it could be used for AI scripted transportation. And jeez, that beaches on the west! Amazing!

But where would the gangs roleplay in San Fierro? There's no such place for them, thus it would clearly destroy what we love on LS-RP. And where is the village roleplay & sheriff's department that so many people like on LS-RP? There are no villages directly connected to San Fierro. Angel Pine is very far away, Bayside is behind the ocean and Las Barrancas would be a pain in the ass to drive to (as there are not many connectors to that Garver Bridge). Also do not forget that San Fierro is much smaller than Los Santos!

And now finally Las Venturas! What does this city offer? It is very industrial and has the longest train route. Also there are many countryside roads and factories. Great for people who love trucking! The airport is almost in the center of the city, meaning it could become a new spot for meeting new people. There are many casinos and hotels and a very big police station! Good for mafia & police roleplay. There is also a laaaarge stadium in Blackfield, a small golf course on the north and a baseball field! Amazing! Don't forget an official college building - new students roleplay..?

And oh god that Las Venturas countryside with a quarry and oil springs! Fort Carson, Las Payasdas, Valle Ocultado, The Sherman Dam - clearly sheriffs could have a lot of fun out there!

But not everyone would be so happy in Las Venturas! Where would you put the gangs? Also there are no docks and roleplaying on boats would be freaking boring in Las Venturas. Also the city does not look nice and I would soon get annoyed by the deserts that are everywhere around. I honestly thing that Las Venturas is an incredibly boring and flat city and the only interesting thing is the countryside around it. I believe the casinos everywhere would soon annoy a lot of people. After all, LS-RP is not a gambling simulator and I can't see why we would need the 13 casinos and hotels that Las Venturas offers.


After explaining why I think that Los Santos is the best city for LS-RP, let me explain why I don't like the idea of "keeping Los Santos, but also adding XYZ area to it". The problem is that once you officially let people roleplay somewhere else, everyone would love to try it and soon Los Santos would be emptied. Unless, of course, you're a gang member and have nowhere to move. Now imagine how stupid the server would be if we had all gangs in Los Santos, all mafias in Las Venturas and all truckers in the countryside being completely isolated.

We'd soon be able to feel "how LS-RP was when there were only 100 people online" because believe me, after connecting Las Venturas and its full countryside to LS-RP, it would very soon look feel like it felt many years ago when you could drive from Rodeo to Las Colinas without meeting a single player.

Disclaimer: It's possible that everything written above is bullshit.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

As a former management member of a Las Venturas Roleplay Server that averaged around 30 players for about 1.5 months, I think that the problem is that
A.) there isnt much diversity - its pretty much a big industrial area which is good for trucking and then the strip which obviously is for gambling. Many roleplay servers promise great gambling scripts but they never really come out to anything. So players get the hype, but they never get to see any result and the gambling scripts are fairly similar and repetitive. And because Las Venturas is such a big map, I mean its wide which not much in it. Los Santos is not very big but has a large diversity to it, the hood, the city, the skyscrapers, the strip clubs, the hospitals, the malls. Its pretty much the right size for a server that could realistically attract that amount of players. Because you dont even need the whole of Los Santos for you to be able to roleplay in it, I see servers where the RP in Los Santos is restricted to certain areas inside the city which works for it and that isnt much of a problem as different areas of LS dont necessarily need access to the whole of LS whereas in LV since there is little diversity you pretty much need the whole size to be able to fully take advantage of it.

B.) As posters above said, players are not used to the city. I remember when making the server I had no idea where anything was, so we couldn't take advantage of the locations, the areas as I simply wasnt familiar with them. I didn't know places that would make good locations for social activity, I even didnt know where basic things such as Hospitals and Fire Departments were located. And I wasnt alone, many players dont have much experience in Las Venturas. Before SA:MP I played very very little GTA San Andreas, and the only experiences I remember in Single Player were in Los Santos, and that was at the very early mission areas where I couldnt be bothered to carry on. However, I soon found out about SA:MP and went straight into a flight server where I didn't learn much more about the map as it was filled with custom mappings for airports etc. then I entered into the world of Roleplay where my experiences were either in Bone County or Los Santos, so I dont really know much about Las Venturas or even San Fierro (Which I think has the same problems mentioned in this post)

There are other reasons but I simply cannot be asked to write them out, Las Venturas has a lot of potential but no server has really taken advantage of it yet, it needs a very custom script for it to work out (You cant just take an edited script as it wont fit into the city at all as it is unique). I hope one day, possibly soon someone will make this script work for LV and I would love to experience a server such as this. But to this day I dont think we've seen one.

Edit: another main problem is that a LV server needs a large population to get away with it, the size of the map demands a high density of players which LS gets around because of its very diverse map it doesnt necessarily need a large amount of players for it to work as long as there are a few players all doing different things whereas LV needs large amounts of players for the ideas of Gambling, trucking, Organized Crime (Which would be prevalent in a city such as LV), large business and other similar concepts.

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Default Re: Why does LV fail on roleplay servers

It willl fail.

People prefer to play in Los Santos because they have no time to try different places, I don't suggest creating a RP gamemode in LV, it will fail.
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