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Default Re: Train tracks

i tried to make a train server but you can't because you can only stick to the tracks that are their in single player
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Default Re: Train tracks

The train tracks were likely made in a 'polygon' form (if you know what I mean - a list of 'points' that are joined together) and those tracks don't 'loop' around so the start and end joins together.

Why would you want to put a train there though?
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Default Re: Train tracks

Sorry for the 5 year bump,but lately I been trying to modify train tracks so trains can run on both tracks but I fail.Anyway,about what MP2 said,I used train tracks editor to see train tracks points,and the start and end point of the track is a little after the start of the train tunnel in LV when going from KACC towards Sobeil Rail Yards and Linden Station,and I have noticed that the train sound disappears when you pass from the end point to start point,if that matters.
Back on 2 tracks running,I got an idea - I was thinking of renaming tracks2.dat to tracks.dat to see if it works and if the train will run on the route that is created in tracks2.dat(now renamed to tracks.dat). Then to see what will happen with tracks3.dat. All I know is that tracks.dat is the route of the original train(BrownStreak,Freight),and tracks4.dat is the route of the tram.

EDIT:Now that I tested,I saw I am wrong about tracks4.dat,and I remembered that it actually is the route of the train you meet at one of the missions where you follow a reporter that goes with the original tracks train from SF to LS. The train that goes on tracks4.dat was freight train with locomotives both at the beginning and at the end of the train.
I also tested tracks3.dat and noticed it is the same route as the original but the train is not enterable as driver.If you try to enter as passenger its enterable.
The problem is that we cant make both tracks.dat and tracks4.dat to work ingame at the same time,because the game doesnt allow it. Otherwise we would be able to just edit tracks4.dat to go all the way thru the second track and will be able to use train on both tracks,but of course without being able to switch tracks.Anyway if it has been possible to spawn trains on all tracks in earlier SAMP versions,I wonder why it has been removed.
I wonder what train.dat and train2.dat are for ?

EDIT2: I just noticed that if you spawn a tram on train tracks,you are able to enter it as driver,but if you spawn a train on tram tracks,you are not able to enter as driver,no matter if train or tram.

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