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Old 12/07/2016, 07:40 PM   #231
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Default Re: [alpha] Objects Physics - Handle objects collisions and more.

Originally Posted by VincenzoDrift View Post
Hi, i'm trying to make a basic drop/loot system with ColAndreas and this include. I used Peppe's example to make a function that creates an onbject to throw. If I use the function CreateObject (native) it works perfectly, but if use the streamer of ColAndreas or Incognito's streamer the object spawns, but it doesn't move. I need to use streamer due to objects limit. Any solution?
public DropInventoryItem(playerid, modelid)
	#define SPEED 	(10.0)
	#define Z_SPEED (4.0)
	#define GRAVITY (13.0)
        new Float:posx, Float:posy, Float:posz, Float:posa;		
	GetPlayerPos(playerid, posx, posy, posz);
	GetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, posa);
	new obj = CA_CreateDynamicObject_DC(modelid, posx, posy - 0.5 * floatcos(-(posa + 90.0), degrees), posz, 93.7, 120.0, posa + 60.0, -1, -1, -1, 300.0, 300.0);
	PHY_UseColAndreas(obj, 1);
	PHY_SetObjectVelocity(obj, SPEED * floatsin(-posa, degrees), SPEED * floatcos(-posa, degrees), Z_SPEED);
	PHY_SetObjectFriction(obj, 100);
	PHY_SetObjectGravity(obj, GRAVITY);
	ApplyAnimation(playerid, "GRENADE", "WEAPON_throwu", 3.0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);
	return 1;
You could just use CreateObject for these temporarily. Don't use the CA dynamic objects. Plus, there is a callback in this include for when objects collide with the CA world.

Use CreateObject.
Activate it's physics.
Wait for the world collided callback.
Get the objects information and add the drop.
Add the streamer object.
Destroy the object.
Deactivate it's physics.
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Default Re: [alpha] Objects Physics - Handle objects collisions and more.

Thanks a lot
Sorry for my bad english
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Default Re: [alpha] Objects Physics - Handle objects collisions and more.

How to make psysic object follow player and will by bouncing? it's for basketball system
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Old 19/11/2016, 11:58 PM   #234
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Default Re: [alpha] Objects Physics - Handle objects collisions and more.

Originally Posted by Billpilot View Post
Looks nice!
Lmao, are you posting in literally every thread saying it's nice just to get post count? For example if you scroll through the gamemodes page you can see that in almost every thread the last post was made by you.
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Default Re: [alpha] Objects Physics - Handle objects collisions and more.

just used the weapon's example

pawn Code:
command(launch, playerid, params[])
    #define SPEED (10.0)
    #define Z_SPEED (4.0)
    #define GRAVITY (13.0)
        new modelid = 348; // Deagle Model ID
    new Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:ang;
    GetPlayerPos(playerid, x, y, z);
    GetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, ang);
    new obj = CreateObject(modelid, x, y - 0.5 * floatcos(-(ang + 90.0), degrees), z, 93.7, 120.0, ang + 60.0);
    PHY_SetObjectVelocity(obj, SPEED * floatsin(-ang, degrees), SPEED * floatcos(-ang, degrees), Z_SPEED);
    PHY_SetObjectFriction(obj, 100); // This will stop the object when it touchs the ground.
    PHY_SetObjectGravity(obj, GRAVITY);
    PHY_SetObjectZBound(obj, z - 1.0, _, 0.0);
    return 1;
the problem is i cant detect the current object pos its not correct
for example when im throwing the weapon ,to grab the weapon i should go to where i throw the object not to the object so i dont have idea to detect the real postion of the thrown object
any ideas ? please +REP
edited also the object not detection the ground when i throw from some roof the object stuck on the air
im Fine
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Old 04/06/2018, 11:44 PM   #236
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Default Re: [alpha] Objects Physics - Handle objects collisions and more.

Im trying to use PHY_UseColAndreas(objectid, mode = 1) but it give me following error
C:\Users\Самп\Desktop\0.3.7\pawno\include\physics. inc(730) : error 017: undefined symbol "PHY_UpdateBounds"
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Old 27/05/2019, 04:33 PM   #237
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Default Re: [alpha] Objects Physics - Handle objects collisions and more.

Is ColAndreas NECESSARY?
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Old 07/06/2019, 09:37 PM   #238
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Default Re: [alpha] Objects Physics - Handle objects collisions and more.

A new update of the library is out v0.5

PHY_RollObject(objectid, toggle = 1, rollingmode = ROLLING_MODE_DEFAULT, ROLLING_MODE_ADVANCED)
More realistic rolling of the objects, through calculations made by using quaternions instead of Euler angles. This can be activated by selecting ROLLING_MODE_ADVANCED in PHY_RollObject.
here's a comparison between the old rolling mode (default) and the new one.

Thanks to gta191977649 for fixing the quaternion calculations and to SimoSbara for merging his code.

UPDATE: changed completely the code for the rolling mode, because it didn't work well; now it does and uses functions taken from i_quat include

demo.pwn, pool.pwn and soccer.pwn have been changed to use the new functionality

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