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Default SelectObject not working while EnEx is visible

Some days ago I found a little bug. At first I was unsure if it was just the Script but then figured it's a SAMP or GTA bug. Noticed it when I was using SelectObject mid-air but unable to select something. Noticed there was an EnEx inside the object later.

While any Interior EnEx (the yellow arrows to enter/leave interiors) is rendered you cannot select Objects using SelectObject.

The markers are only rendered within a specific range (30-40 meters) and when on the screen it prevents Object to be selected. Turning the camera a bit until they aren't visible anymore will let you select an object again.

Obviously doesn't happen when DisableInteriorEnterExits() is used.

Edit: This seems to happen for all objects that are controlled by the engine itself.
Checkpoints, Enex markers, Vehicle target indicators, etc.

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