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Huge Clucker
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Default crashing on a certain server

SA-MP 0.3.7
Exception At Address: 0x03F8CB50
Base: 0x03C30000

EAX: 0x00000000 EBX: 0x03599EA8 ECX: 0x01F11001 EDX: 0x00000400
ESI: 0x0359A368 EDI: 0x167D2BE0 EBP: 0x0028F6A0 ESP: 0x0028F634
EFLAGS: 0x00210213

+0000: 0x00000000 0x03599EA8 0x01AE78B0 0x00000400
+0010: 0x167CCB60 0x00000400 0x167CCB60 0x00000000
+0020: 0x00000000 0x00000010 0x00000000 0x00000000
+0030: 0x00003100 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x03599EA8
+0040: 0x00000018 0x01F11001 0x00000400 0x00000020
+0050: 0x00000018 0x00000000 0x00000089 0x0000019F
+0060: 0x00000000 0x1663E240 0x00000000 0x0028F6F4
+0070: 0x03F8D494 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000010
+0080: 0x00000000 0x03612640 0x01AEFB5C 0x00000004
+0090: 0x03599EA8 0xFFFFFFFE 0x00000001 0x00000001
+00A0: 0x00000001 0x0028F7BC 0x0000000B 0x03F8DE33
+00B0: 0x00000BF5 0x03612640 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFF
+00C0: 0x0028F7BC 0x03F8DE59 0x01AE78B0 0x00000001
+00D0: 0x035D4818 0x0028F850 0x03F61580 0x000000D2
+00E0: 0x00000002 0x16682CCC 0x053402A0 0x0028F730
+00F0: 0x05420D00 0x00000010 0x00000001 0x0028F750
+0100: 0x6F1EE903 0x00000000 0x00000015 0x00000010
+0110: 0x053C4A60 0x00000000 0x125DDFA0 0x053402A4
+0120: 0x0028F78C 0x6F21652E 0x0028F76C 0x125DDFA0
+0130: 0x053402A4 0x03593218 0x00000015 0x00000001
+0140: 0x00000060 0x00000001 0x00000000 0x00000003
+0150: 0x0000000D 0x00000000 0x01AED948 0x00000004
+0160: 0x01AE78A8 0x00000008 0x00000030 0x00000006
+0170: 0x00000000 0x00000024 0x01AE7930 0x00000006
+0180: 0x00000003 0x00000003 0x0028F7E4 0x03F8F288
+0190: 0x03D207B8 0x0359C2B0 0x00000004 0x0028F850
+01A0: 0x00000004 0xFFD2D2D2 0x00000023 0x0028F804
+01B0: 0x0028F8BC 0x03C9F6C8 0x03599EA8 0x03D207B8
+01C0: 0x142786F8 0x0000000D 0x0028F850 0x00000004
+01D0: 0xFFD2D2D2 0x142E3060 0x142E31D6 0x03CB8D67
+01E0: 0x01A8FFD0 0x03593218 0x0028F968 0xFFFFFFFF
+01F0: 0x0028F850 0x00000004 0xFFD2D2D2 0x142E3060
+0200: 0x053402A0 0x142E31D6 0x0028F85C 0x6F1EE903
+0210: 0x142DF6F0 0x000000D2 0x000000D2 0x0000023D
+0220: 0x00000150 0x0000031E 0x00000162 0x00000238
+0230: 0x00000150 0x0000031E 0x00000162 0x3F800000
+0240: 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000
+0250: 0x3F800000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000
+0260: 0x00000000 0x3F800000 0x00000000 0x00000000
+0270: 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x3F800000 0x00000000

SCM Op: 0x248, lDbg: 0 LastRendObj: 0

Game Version: US 1.0

State Information: Ped Context: 0
P0 (0,0) P1 (0,0) P2 (0,0) P3 (0,0)
P5 (0,0) P6 (0,0) P7 (0,0)
P8 (0,0) P9 (0,0) P10 (0,0) P11 (0,0)
P13 (0,0) P15 (0,0)
P16 (0,0) P17 (0,0) P18 (0,0) P20 (0,0) P21 (0,0) P22 (0,0) P23 (0,0)
P24 (0,0) P25 (0,0) P26 (0,0) P27 (0,0)
P28 (0,0) P29 (0,0) P30 (0,0) P31 (0,0)
P33 (0,0) P34 (0,0) P35 (0,0)
P36 (0,0) P37 (0,0) P38 (0,0) P42 (0,0) P43 (0,0)
P44 (0,0) P46 (0,0) P49 (0,0) P51 (0,0)
P53 (0,0) P54 (0,0) P58 (0,0) P69 (0,0)
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: crashing on a certain server

Client Sided settings. You may want to delete gta_set in your GTA Documents

I have learned all kinds of things from my many mistakes. The one thing I never learn is to stop making them.
― Joe Abercrombie

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Old 10/06/2019, 09:34 PM   #3
Little Clucker
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Default Re: crashing on a certain server

Clear out your GTA_SET that will reset your settings and stuff. If not try reinstalling samp.
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