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Big Clucker
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Thumbs down Connection Issues - Client

This is an unusual problem I'm having with the client, when attempting to connect to ANY server whatsoever. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but it seems to be quite an annoying bug.

I initially posted in Client Support, but I'm convinced this is a bug at this stage.

This MAY be a bug that occurs with Billion Routers; I'm not posting this due to my own problems, but if theres anyone else who has a Billion router who may be experiencing this problem?

I've recently been having some problems with my line and broadband (which we're still working on ), and as part of the troubleshooting process we decided to bite the bullet and invest in a brand new router (Billion BiPac 7800N). Now don't get the wrong idea, this is a brilliant router, and although we still experience disconnections and loss of sync to our exchange, it still manages to hold on better than our previous routers.

Since upgrading to this new router, I've been having a few problems connecting to SA-MP servers. I click the green arrow button, as you would, to connect to the server. The client loads and I see the normal "Connecting to [IP Address]...". But after a few seconds, I'm presented with the irratating "You are banned from this server." It's as if the connection is timing out, but instead the client claims I am banned from that particular server (which is false, since I can usually connect after a few attempts).

Please note that these issues occur regardless of what server I'm attempting to connect to, and I can ping these servers from the server browser. I have also forwarded these ports to try and resolve this issue, but no luck.

Heres some screenshots:

A strange thing to note is that when I click on the "internet" or "hosted" tab, only few of the servers show what my current ping is while others show the ping as " - ". Also, when in-game, I originally see the "Server didn't respond..." but then the banned message appears.

Any advice would be appreciated, especially if you own a Billion router yourself

Many Thanks
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Connection Issues - Client


This makes it impossible and stress-taking to test my server sometimes.

I simply close the prompt and open it again server-side (Windows Server 2008 R2), and my client reconnects and the message of death appears saying, "You are banned from this server". Restart my client and it works fine...

Would love it if there were a way to reconnect with a command like "/reconnect", or, if this really is a bug server-side, disable the ban list entirely. I use a different system to do bans anyway, having an internal system for banning seems stupid when you have the choice to reject the connection in one of the callbacks.

EDIT: Server has a Quad Core Xeon Processor, 2gb DDR2 ram, and is linked to the internet through a Cisco Router to Comcast Business Class. As I said, its operating system is Windows Server 2008 R2 and i'm running it with the firewall on and the UDP port 7777 forwarded through it. Computer has no extra firewall nor antivirus (who puts an antivirus on a server?) and is only running a webserver, mysql server, and php-cgi along with sa-mp. Hope I helped.
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Default Re: Connection Issues - Client

Everyone will have this problem when reconnecting to any server. Confirmed.

Sorry for my bad English and my weakness in expressing myself.
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