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JaKe Elite
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Post JaKe's House System

JaKe's House System v1


When i began scripting, i started off using GarHouse it was great and cool. It is rare to find GarHouse these days,
so i decided to make a similar script to GarHouse, Note i never copied any codes from GarHouse, just an idea and stuffs. JakHouse has been scripted a while ago back in October, it has been in my PC long time ago, lazy to release it, now here it is. JakHouse is currently used in my server and pOS (Creed's server - modification has been done.) The house system doesn't support House Vehicles unlike to the other house system, This is just one simple house system with house storage, house note and a basic house system features. Feel free to edit it, PM (Consult) me first before releasing it, Took me 3 days to script it and fix the bugs before finally taking it's final BETA test on pOS.


There are no bugs found during the testing at pOS however, If you found one please post it on this topic or PM me about it, So i can fix it. All the commands has been tested.

If the dialogs doesn't work properly (the /hmenu), Make sure the OnDialogResponse is on return 0 or return 1, try them if it worked. So far no conflictions found during the testing on pOS and on my local server.

Notes from the source code, Read them, I don't need to explain it since i already explain them on the comment (//).

pawn Code:
// Configuartions

#define             MAX_HOUSE_NAME              256
#define             MAX_HOUSES                  350

#define             FREEZE_LOAD                 true
//If enable, Freezes you once entered the house, freezes you aswell once exited the house
//The freeze lifts off in 5 seconds, depends on FREEZE_TIME

#define             FREEZE_TIME                 5   //In seconds

#define             FORCE_SPAWNHOME             true
//Once the FORCE_SPAWNHOME is set to true, a timer will be run for 2.5 seconds when you spawn.
//Once that timer is called, Player will be forced spawn in his home if he has the spawn settings on.
//This define is created as the spawnhome feature we had doesn't work, as instead of spawning at home, it spawns at the gamemode's spawnpoint.

//You can change this [Just make sure you know what you are doing].

#define             SALE_PICKUP                 1273
#define             NOTSALE_PICKUP              1272
#define             NOTSALE_ICON                32
#define             SALE_ICON                   31

#define             STREAM_DISTANCES            35.0
//Do not make it higher, or else it will conflict with the other stream objects etc.


Open the JakHouse zip file, Now open the folder called "JaKe's House System", Open up the filterscript there are 2 folders, compiled and source. If you want to edit the script, Open the source folder, there'll be a .pwn name jakhouse, Move it to your server's filterscript then recompile it. If you don't want to edit the script and decided to stick with the default way of my scripting, Choose the Compiled folder, there'll be a .amx name jakhouse, Move it to your server's filterscript. Moving on, Head to pawno/includes, Place all the includes to your server's pawno/includes folder. Head back to the first page, Click plugins, There'll be two folders on it, One is Linux (CentOS) and Windows OS, if you are using a Windows Operating System, choose the folder Windows OS, there'll be two files (sscanf.dll and streamer.dll), Import them to your server's plugins folder. If you are using a Linux Operating System, choose the folder Linux (CentOS), there'll be a plugin similar to mentioned above but with the format of .so, Import them to your plugins folder. Now go to your server's scriptfiles, Create a folder name JakHouse, inside the folder JakHouse create 2 folders name 'Houses' and 'User'.

Now on loading the filterscript, It's basically easy. Open server.cfg and add the following.

filterscript jakhouse
plugins sscanf streamer

(Add .so in the end on the plugins' name if you are using Linux)


/hcmds - For the house commands
/buyint - To buy interior (Works only when you choose interior on /hmenu)
/cancelint - To cancel the preview interior (Same like /buyint)
/buyhouse - /sellhouse (Buys/Sells house, Works only when in-range of the pickup)
/hlock - To lock the house (Works only when in-range of pickup/Inside)
/hmenu - Player's House Configuration Menu")
/henter - Enters inside the house (If not locked).
/hnote - Adds a note to your house.
/hcnote - Checks a note on someones house
For RCONs, /ahcmds for RCON House commands.

RCON Commands
/addhouse - Adds a house
/removehouse - Removes a house
/gotohouse - Teleports to the house
/hinteriors - Lists all the available interior
/hmove - Moves the specific houseid to your current location.
/asellhouse - Sells the house without doing the actual command.
/hnear - Lists all nearby houses within 35 meters.


• Level - Score needed by the player to buy the house, for E.G. 999 level, You need 999 score and above to buy the house. (Cannot be edited, only at /addhouse and .ini editing)
• Price - Cash needed by the player to buy the house, for E.G. 999 cash, You need $999 cash (or above) to buy the house. (Can be edited throughout /hmenu, /addhouse and .ini editing)
• HouseID - HouseID assigned to the house for editing.
♦ Owner - Owner of the house (Default is None)
• Description - Name of the house (E.G. JaKe's house)


(For sale house)

(House bought by the Player JaKe)

(House menus)

NOTE: I am using a modified JakHouse so it's a little bit different from the released version, I am using a modified one (Implemented to my Gamemode)


JaKe for scripting JakHouse.
Zeex for zcmd, ****** for both foreach and sscanf, Incognito for streamer, DracoBlue for dini.

Creed, Anna and pOS staffs for testing JakHouse - They have the original copy.


v1 - Pastebin (Manual Installation/Downloading)
v1 - Solidfiles (Manual Installation/Automatic Download incs.)
Discord: Cipher#7353

Server IP: Click me | Discord: Click me

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Little Clucker
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

Really Awesome house system, it works well in my server
You've done a good job Jake, thanks for everything.
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

Awesome work!
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

Nice job bro
Keep it up
Try to update it to Y_Ini or MySQL next version (if you want update it)
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

Very /VERY/ talented scripter.
I enjoy reading your code.
Nice job.
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

Good job Jake
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

really nice work jake
Again back
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

Nice work Jake!

Do you remember me? it's me Apex
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

Good Job son.

Dini, really?
Opening a community? Contact me to ask any sort of questions. I'm experienced with handling communities having over 100+ players in their servers all the time. I need no cash, no admin status or anything else. Helping is all I wanna do for now. I can help with dedicated servers and VPSs, Hosts, DDOS protections, Forums.

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Alex Magaña
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Default Re: JaKe's House System

Good job Jake keep it up!

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