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Default Simple way to get modelid from a pickup

This is my first tutorial, I was a pawn scripter about 4 years ago, and now (because of this quarantine) I'm coming back scripting, so now I'll show you a simple way to get the "modelid" from a pickup. This can be usefull if, for example, you want to get a weapon picking up a specific model of pickup. So let's get into this:

Step 1: Is not necesary to do this with all your pickups, but if you want to get the modelid from a specific pickup, you have to do this function:
stock AddPickup(modelid,type,Float:X,Float:Y,Float:Z,virtualworld=0)//You can name this however you want
	new m[6],pickupid;
	pickupid = CreatePickup(modelid,type,X,Y,Z,virtualworld);
	format(m,sizeof(m),"m%d",pickupid);//This is important, we're save the modelid for each pickupid we create using this function
	SetSVarInt(m,modelid);//Saving modelid
	return pickupid;
Step 2: Now we're going to create the function that gets the modelid:
stock GetPickupModel(pickupid)
	new s[6];
	return GetSVarInt(s);//We just return the modelid by this simple way
Final step: When you're going to delete this kind of pickups, you have to do it by this function:
stock DestroyPickupEx(pickupid)
        new s[6];
	return DestroyPickup(pickupid);
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