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Little Clucker
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Default admin nickname

I have such a request for you, in general, I decided to do the following, but I dont know where to even begin!
I want to fix one admin for the ghetto, another for the CRP, how to do that, when this admin would write in a simple chat, or / about the chat it doesnt matter where he would have the TEG [GETTO Main]
For example:
Ivan_Ivanov [The Chief of Ghetto] writes no matter what chat, and after his nickname there is a tag
Denis_Denisov [Chief of GOS] here is his speech
Vasya_Pupkin [Main by HELPER] here his speech
I approximately understand that it is possible to do a check on a nickname, but I dont imagine how it is done in the soul.
I hope I clearly explained everything, waiting for your help, dear scripters!
I'm Russian,I can write with mistakes,please do not pay attention!
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Default Re: admin nickname

1. create variable
PHP Code:
//for example, lets call it an AdminRank
new AdminRank[MAX_PLAYERS][32]; //at the top of the script 
2. make this variable changeable.
PHP Code:
//we can make this changeable by many ways.
//lets try with dialog boxs (its simple)
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid,1330,DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT,"Admin Rank","Input your rank here","Confirm","Exit");

//at OnDialogResponse
if(dialogid == 1330//our dialog
strlen(inputtext) > 0)
SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,inputtext); //for checking

3. now lets use that AdminRank in formats.
PHP Code:
//for example, lets change /admin or /a command (most in modes it's admin-chat)
new string[256],name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME+1];
format(string,sizeof(string),"[A] %s %s: %s",name,AdminRank[playerid],text);
//SendAdminMessage or something like that here.. 
4. you can save and load that AdminRank in a database.
hang in there, help is on the way.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: admin nickname

like this?

place at OnPlayerConnect
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] == 1)
   new pName[MAX_PLAYER_NAME],string[1000];
   format(sizeof(string),"%s [ADMIN]", pName);
   SetPlayerName(Playerid, string);
return 1;
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