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Default 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. [WHEN PLAYER LEAVES BUG FIXED]

0Admin V1.1
First Release.

Project in progress again | 26. August. 2011
Working again on the script. Upcoming version: 1.2
Take a look at this post for more information and changelog.

Project on hold | 09. August. 2011
Okay guys, lemme get this straight to subject, while I was compiling the filterscript, which was almost done, electricity just shut down, and took with this 70% of the code, now everything I worked on, Votekick, Voteban, Forbidden weapons, fixed crash, and Forbidden words is gone GONE, I will NOT start this OVER again for a big long period, I just lost my nerves with this, I will put this on hold and deal with the current bugs, blame this stupid country I live in, NOT ME!


Important News | 07. August. 2011

I managed to fix the crash when players disconnect.
It was due to double db_free_result, at first I freed the result and the second time when it tries to free any information, it crashes the server, still this happens only on Linux, that's why I couldn't find it when I was testing it on Windows.

Upcoming update:
- Forbidden weapons, easy configurable from Admin Control Panel.
- Votekick/Voteban, with textdraw.
- Don't remember anything else, but stay tuned.

0Admin was planned to be the best and most performance admin system ever, beating the existing ones in the category "reliability and performance". This plan was made back 2 months ago, when I was thinking how the current admin systems are very low in performance while using the oldest methods that were available when they were created. This system uses the best methods, the best functions to sum up the performance. Started working on this system 2 months ago, started from scratch, from the first variable to the last SQL table.
Not to self, I'm not claiming 100% that it's the best or the most performance system ever, just pointing out that it is using the newest methods. Building this system was not that easy, I had to do tons and tons of tests, I feel bad that I did not make a log to save each time I reloaded this script to test the tiniest thing. It's NOT 100% bug-free because I did not have the time to test each and EVERY SINGLE command and function. This is the reason for the early release, to let the users discover a big part of the bugs so I can fix them in the next versions.

  • Major Bug-Fixes.
  • Repaired Anti-IP Advertising.
  • Added a define for the security question.
  • Removed "Start Event" from /PCP.
  • Added new commands: /ann /ann2 /cpass /time /aka
  • Added stats stabilizer. Player won't get wrong information whe his statswill be changed from the include, trough the gamemode.
  • Repaired include, found errors and mistakes.
  • now saves the stats directly into the database.
  • Fixed crashing while setting player kills trough /setstats
  • Fixed a mistype in /vips.
  • Players can now change their password.
  • Players can see their time.
  • Admins level 2 can nou sent announcements using /ann and /ann2.

- Initial release.

Using the following systems and plugins.
  • ZCMD Command Processor - Fast and reliable when processing commands, not the fastest, but the most popular.
  • SSCANF - The best function ever! Easy to use to unformat strings!
  • Regular Expressions - Using it into detecting advertising text in the chat. The best solution so far!
  • foreach - The fastest way to loop trough all the players. And the safest!
  • Y_INI - The fastest way to write/read from a file! Used in proportion of 20%
  • SQLite - The best way to save/load informations! Used in proportion of 80%
  • Whirlpool - Hashing the paswords!

The system has the following features. Server Features such as Player Features.

Server Features
- Everything gets enabled from the Admin Control Panel (/ACP) which is only available to the Owner( Level 5 ) of the server.
  • Auto-Login - Can also be enabled from the Player Control Panel(/PCP) which is available for members too!
  • Anti-Spam - So people can't spam as much as they want!
  • Anti-Repeat - Players can't repeat themselves in the chat!
  • Anti-Command Spam - Players can't abuse the commands!
  • Ping Kicker - Kicks the player when they break the ping limit (Default Limit:750)
  • RCON Protection - Players can't abuse the login system to login as RCON.
  • Read Commands - Admins, starting from level 1, can read the commands a player types.
  • Read Personal Messages - Admins can read the personal messages sent between players.
  • Tell Player - This feature allows player to get informed or not about an existing admin command.
  • Block Chat - This feature blocks the chat and only Administrators and Owners will be able to chat!
  • Also Known As(AKA) - With this, admins can see what names someone had on the server previously.
  • Show Function - When an admin types a command he receives another message with the information about the command.
  • Anti-Advertising - Using Regular Expressions to find an IP or web address in the chat to punish the players.
  • Announce Rank - When a player ranks up with x kills, will tell the whole server!
  • Admin Chat - Enable or disable the admin chat for the admins (Except Administrators and Owners)
  • VIP Chat - Entirely block the VIP Chat for the VIP Members.

System Features
  • Anti-Mute/Jail/Freeze Evade - Players cannot evade the punishment until they have different IP and different name. The usage of this anti-evade system is simple. If player x has been punished, he quits the server, returns back with different name, but same IP, he will be punished with extra time or warnings, if he returns back with same name but different IP he will be punished again.
  • Ranks - This can be enabled or disabled from the script. Ranks are very easy to edit, add new ones or delete others. Ranks are based on kills.
  • Respect System - This is the bonus of this system. Press TAB and then select a player's name from there to open a dialog where you can give the specified player's reputation.(Only 1 +/- per hour, no matter what player).
  • Personal Admin Car - Administrators have their own admin car(Cheetah). They can add components on it, remove components, save components, load components, or discard the components.
  • Anti-High Level - Admins cannot harm higher level admins. Easy as that!
  • Cookies System - A just for fun system! Players can buy cookies, or buy a jar of cookies! They can gift them to someone or eat it and get 100% health. Each cookie costs 95$/
  • Console Control - Server owners can control players from inside the console. Or they can enable disable server features.
  • Godlike/Cargod - Of course there is this system!
  • 0Admin Include - Server scripters can use this include in their gamemode for specific usage, like checking if the player is muted, or getting his rank or admin level, etc.
  • Forgotten Password - Players can retrieve their password if they ask correctly to the answer they set on registration.
  • LOGS - System saves a log on almost every action. When a level change is made, VIP Chat is logged, Admin Chat is logged etc...
  • Banlist - It has a specified banlist where players will be added when they do something bad :>
  • Top Players - System has the Top x players. For example, most time spent on server, or best killers, most deaths or most respected player! ETC!
  • Alot more! More to discover by yourself! Many commands and features await you inside!


Level 0 - Member
  • /register - Register an account in the database.
  • /login - Login into account.
  • /stats - View your stats.
  • /pm - Send a personal message.
  • /admins - View online Administrators.
  • /vips - View online VIP Members.
  • /top - View the top. Best kills, deaths, most hours online etc.
  • /cookies - Show your current cookies amount.
  • /buycookies - Buy some cookies!
  • /eatcookie - Eat cookie, gain health.
  • /buycookiesjar - Buy a jar of 20 cookies.
  • /giftcookie - Gift a cookie to a player!
  • /cookieshelp - More information about the cookies system.
  • /0cmds - Show your available commands.
  • /0allcmds - Show all the Admin Commands(Only member will be shown)

Level 1 - Helper
  • /goto - Go to someone's position.
  • /gotopos - Go to the position set, x, y, z.
  • /getip - Get someone's IP Adress.
  • /settime - Set someone's time.
  • /spawn - Spawn a player.
  • /acar - Spawn your personal Admin car.
  • /accp - Tune your admin car. Components, colors, nitro.Save coponents, load components, discard components.
  • /jailed - View jailed players and the jail time.
  • /frozen - View frozem players.
  • /muted - View muted players and the mute time.
  • /0cmds - Show your available commands.
  • /0allcmds - Show all the Admin Commands

Level 2 - Mini Moderator
  • /disarm - Remove someone's weapons.
  • /bankrupt - Remove someone's money.
  • /tplayer - Teleport a player to another player.
  • /eject - Eject a player from the vehicle.
  • /heal - Heal yourself.
  • /spec - Spectate a player.
  • /specoff - Stop spectating a player.
  • /show - Send a game text to the specified player.
  • /setskin - Set someone's skin.
  • /[un]freeze - Freeze or unfreeze the specified player.
  • /[un]mute - Mute or unmute a player with specified time.
  • /aweapons - Give yourself the best weapons.
  • /healcar - Heal someone's car.
  • /setvhealth - Set someone's vehicle health.
  • /carcolor - Change someone's vehicle colors.
  • /0cmds - Show your available commands.
  • /0allcmds - Show all the Admin Commands

Level 3 - Moderator
  • /giveweapon - Give someone a weapon with specified ammo.
  • /warn - Warn a player, at 3 warns player will be kicked!
  • /healall - Heall all players on the server.
  • /heal - Heal a specified player.
  • /aweapons - Give yourself some weapons.
  • /givecar - Give someone a car.
  • /write - Write something in the chat, without name in front.
  • /destroyv - Destroy a vehicle ID.
  • /[un]jail - Jail or Unjail a specified player.
  • /slap - Slap a player make him loose -25 health.
  • /clearchat - Clear the chat.
  • /akill - Kill a player.
  • /explode - Explode a player.
  • /setalltime - Set everyone's time.
  • /setallweather - Set everyone's weather.
  • /setcookies - Self explanatory
  • /sethealth - Self explanatory
  • /setarmour - Self explanatory
  • /setscore - Self explanatory
  • /setcash - Self explanatory
  • /setskin - Self explanatory
  • /settime - Self explanatory
  • /setweather - Self explanatory
  • /setworld - Self explanatory
  • /setinterior - Self explanatory
  • /setdrunk - Self explanatory
  • /setrespect - Self explanatory
  • /setwanted - Self explanatory
  • /0cmds - Show your available commands.
  • /0allcmds - Show all the Admin Commands

Level 4 - Administrator
  • /kick - Kick a player from the server.
  • /wcheck - Check a player's weapons.
  • /setdeaths - Set someone's deaths.
  • /setkills - Set someone's kills.
  • /2012 - Fuck up someone's game, 0 money, 0 score, 0 everything.
  • /resetallrespect - Change everyone's respect. Negatie and Positive.
  • /killall - Kill everyone on the server.
  • /[un]muteall - Mute/Unmute everyone, this mute won't save!
  • /[un]ureezeall - Freeze/Unfreeze all, this freeze won't save!
  • /spawnall - Spawn all players.
  • /2012all - Fuck up everyone's game!
  • /chat - You can manipulate the chat. Spam it, clear it, [un]block it.
  • /slapall - Slap everyone!
  • /disarmall - Disarm everyone in the server.
  • /explodeall - Explode everone.
  • /setallhealth - Self explanatory.
  • /setallarmour - Self explanatory.
  • /setallscore - Self explanatory.
  • /setallcash - Self explanatory.
  • /setallskin - Self explanatory.
  • /setallworld - Self explanatory.
  • /setallinterior - Self explanatory.
  • /setalldrunk - Self explanatory.
  • /setallcookies - Self explanatory.
  • /setallrespect - Self explanatory.
  • /setallwanted - Self explanatory.
  • /giveallhealth - Self explanatory.
  • /giveallarmour - Self explanatory.
  • /giveallscore - Self explanatory.
  • /giveallcash - Self explanatory.
  • /giveallcookies - Self explanatory.
  • /giveallwanted - Self explanatory.
  • /giveallweapon - Self explanatory.
  • /giveallrespect - Self explanatory.
  • /0cmds - Show your available commands.
  • /0allcmds - Show all the Admin Commands

  • /setlevel - Change someone's level.
  • /settemplevel - Set someone's temporary level, on disconnect, level will be reseted.
  • /ban - Ban a player.
  • /unban - Unban a player, remove his name from the banlist in the database.
  • /acp - Open a dialog where you can manipulate server features. Such as, antispam, anti-ad etc.
  • /respawncars - Respawn all unoccupied vehicles in the server.
  • /removeacc - Delete a player's account from the database.
  • /setonline - Change someone's online time.
  • /setstat - Open a dialog where you can manipulate a specified ID.
  • /fake - Show the fake list commands.
  • /fakechat - Send a fake chat of a certain user.
  • /fakecmd - Send a fake command, or make him execute a command.
  • /fakecon - Send a face connection to the server.
  • /fakedisc - Send a fake disconnection from the server.
  • /fakedeath - Send a fake death.
  • /kickall - Kick everyone from the server.
  • /banall - Ban everyone from the server!
  • /0cmds - Show your available commands.
  • /0allcmds - Show all the Admin Commands

About the VIP Members..There are only few features for the VIP Members, now here is another reason for the 0Admin_F include! To use into your own gamemode and add the commands you want for your VIP members.
Members can use Player Control Panel(/PCP) to see their VIP commands!

Player Control Panel
Block PM
My Stats
VIP Level 1
Vehicle God
Vehicle Boost
Wear VIP Tag
VIP Level 2
Vehicle Spin
VIP Level 3

Add your own features for your VIP Members. All I did was bringing the VIP system to use it for yourself!

The account registration process is pretty hard for new comers and non English speakers!
So let me explain.

Ok, you register an account, then you get a new dialog where you will be asked to input your secret question.
The question must be at least 10 characters long and must contain a '?' without the ' ' somewhere to be a valid question! THAT'S LOGICAL!

Next step is to insert your secret answer to the secret question! Just insert an answer longer than 4 characters to proceed!

Next step is to login into your account, you will see a dialog with all your stats, like registration date, account id, and all that stuff needed. You must login after that.

I hope I made something clear!

Reading a SQLite file(.db)
I've had many complaints about the people that they can't figure out how to edit a player's account!
Well thats even more simple than using the ol'fashion flat files.

You will need the following program to open databases.
Download SQLite Browser.

Now open your program and open the Database.db file from scriptfiles/ with the program given above.

Now just follow the instructions and information from the pictures,

Respect System
I've noticed many asked how to give respect, it's easy! When in-game press TAB button and select the name of the player. A dialog will popup where you will see few stuff like sending him a personal message or even reporting him, as well there is the respect system.

Select his name, select Give Respect, select your choice, it's either Negative or Positive.

Note: You can give only 1 Negative and 1 Positive per HOUR! No matter what person.
It's just a way to keep away respect hungry people!

Commands or features not working!
WRONG! Everything works just fine, but even so, report any kind of tiny lil bug or mistype or anything related to something I forgot to add or correct.

Everything works, like I said, just that, when you are an Admin Level 5(The OWNER), he is immune to all the commands and features such as anti-spam or anti-advertising. It's just about logic that the Owner of the server will never advertise or spam the chat for the bad of it.

Note: Admins higher than you with even one level, cannot be harmed by the commands you use on them. If you are level 4 and the one you apply the command to is level 4 too, then it will happen because none of you two is superior to each other.

  1. Extract everything from the .rar file into a folder.
  2. Copy files from folder includes into yourserver/pawno/includes.
  3. Copy the .dll files from the folder plugins into yourserver/plugins.
  4. Open scriptfiles folder from your server folder and create a folder named 0Admin (WITH LETTER CAPS 'A').
  5. Inside scriptfiles/0Admin create the following folders:
  6. Go to your server directory and open server.cfg.
  7. Search for line filterscripts and add 0Admin in front of that line.
    filterscripts 0Admin script1 script2
  8. Same thing on the line plugins. Add the following to that lines.
    plugins sscanf whirlpool regex
  9. Save file, open server, enjoy.

This system comes with an include for your gamemode!

How to use it? Easy!
  • Go into your gamemode and add
    pawn Code:
    #include 0Admin_F
    On top of yout script.
  • Reload pawn and the functions should appear in the right.

Example of use
pawn Code:
if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/command"))
     if(GetPlayerLevel(playerid) > 3)
           //Admin level 3 code here
     }else return SendClientMessage(playerid, ~1, "You are not allowed to use this command!");
     return 1;
if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/megod"))
     //Player now has godmode activated;
    Godlike(playerid, true);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, ~1, "Godmode activated!");
    return 1;
if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/500killsplz"))
     //Set player's kills to 500;
     SetPlayerKills(playerid, 500);
     SendClientMessage(playerid, ~1, "You now have 500 kills");
     return 1;

[V1.1] - Updated version.
solidfiles - Direct


Questions?Bugs?Ideas? - Do it here!

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Thumbs up Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

Nice done! 9.1/10.0

You did a great job on this script!

*Tumb up*

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Default Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

Fuckin'n awesome man , good job.

This is an example of Romanian Scripter that can make something good and original

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Default Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

New Epic Era!!! 0Admin will own all other admin systems!!
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Default Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

EPIC, 9.3/10, i've been waiting for this! Want a mirror?
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Default Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

Originally Posted by linuxthefish View Post
EPIC, 9.3/10, i've been waiting for this! Want a mirror?
No thanks, I will request one when solidfiles fails(Which, that, won't happen likely)

Thanks to others for the so fast positive comments!
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Default Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

Awesome work i will try this )
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Default Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

Zh3r0...... I <3 u
Hey guys.

I need a good scripter who can help me. I can pay for this work but im not a rich mean, i can pay as much as possible.
I need to configure a server whit a website, and other works, i tried to do this but my attempts have failed.
If you can help me send me a private message and i give you more info.

Thanks for your attention.
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Default Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

Found 1 Bug
While using /setstats if we edit the Kill amount Samp-server.exe will crash I just tested the kill amounts don't know about other Options.
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Default Re: 0Admin - Sophisticated Administration System. (130+ CMDS, VIP, ANTI, TOP, RANKS)

Zh3r0 I fukin love you BTW does that saves score
Comming Soon : •COD7• Call of Duty Black Ops •COD7•

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